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FTR #183 The P-2 Lodge and Latin American Terror

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RFAs 17-21 detailed and analyzed (among other things) a disturbingly large number of bloody deeds performed by the P-2 or “Propaganda Due” Lodge. The P-2 is a clandestine political and criminal organization, which functioned as a de facto crypto-fascist government in Italy throughout much of the 1970s and 1980s. Including in its ranks powerful criminal, military, intelligence and violent right-wing elements, the P-2 and the political milieu that it controlled prosecuted a series of kidnappings, bombings, assassinations, arms-for-drugs operations, financial scams coup attempts and other political machinations designed to destabilize Italy.

With powerful connections to the Vatican, elements related to the P-2 figure in the events in and around, the shooting of Pope John Paul II in May of 1981.

The P-2 wielded considerable deadly influence in Latin America, as well. This program examines the influence of key Argentine P-2 member General Carlos Suarez-Mason on international terror in Latin America and the proliferation of death-squads in South and Central America.

The program begins by highlighting the recent Spanish arrest warrant and extradition request issued for key former members of the Argentine military junta that conducted the “Dirty War” terror program of the 1970’s and early 80s. Suarez was among the most important figures in both the junta and the terror. It was Suarez-Mason who developed the concept of “ideological frontiers,” a political rationale that was the foundation of an expansion of the methodology and organization of Argentine political terror in the region. Ideological frontiers entailed an internationalization of death squad and counterinsurgency operations, rationalized by the presumption of the existence of an “International Communist Conspiracy”. Mason was instrumental in instigating the Bolivian “Cocaine Coup” of 1980. Mason was involved with Operation Condor, an international assassination consortium composed of Latin American dictatorships.

The program also highlights the extension of Suarez-Mason’s influence throughout Central America through the pivotal Argentine assistance given to the formation of the Salvadoran death squads and counter-insurgency apparatus, as well as the Nicaraguan Contras. (Recorded on 11/14/99.)


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