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FTR #19 Interview with Ed Haslam

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Researcher Ed Haslam authored a remarkable book entitled Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory (soft-cover, Wordsworth Press, copyright 1995.) In this penetrating work, Haslam develops fascinating connections between the milieu apparently involved with the assassination of President Kennedy and medical research that may have been connected to a soft-tissue cancer epidemic that is sweeping the United States. In addition, this medical research may have led to the accidental or deliberate creation of AIDS. This six-part interview presents an extensive and detailed view of Haslam’s argument.

The central figure in the book is Dr. Mary Sherman, one of the most important (and sadly neglected) figures in post-World War II American medicine. Prior to her murder in 1964, Sherman was involved in a clandestine medical laboratory in New Orleans, that also employed right-wing political extremist and U.S. intelligence operative David Ferrie – the central figure in New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation of the Kennedy assassination.

The central focus of the work performed in this laboratory was cancer research—specifically, the injecting of mice with monkey viruses to determine if the viruses cause cancer. Haslam skillfully develops connections between Ferrie, the laboratory, Mary Sherman, the Guy Bannister detective agency (an apparent intelligence front that is widely believed to have figured in President Kennedy’s assassination) and Dr. Alton Ochsner, a very powerful figure in American medicine and politics.

Ochsner was the head of a right-wing propaganda outfit and possible intelligence front called “The Information Council for the Americas,” or INCA, that recorded interviews with Lee Harvey Oswald, in which Oswald proclaims his Marxist sympathies.

This interview received much publicity in the wake of President Kennedy’s assassination and convinced many Americans that communists were responsible for the assassination. Many researchers believe that this perception contributed to the official cover-up of the assassination, because individuals who knew what had actually happened covered up the truth out of fear that that the situation could have led to a Third World War. Haslam presents his thesis that Sherman was probably involved in this underground medical laboratory in order to research the contamination of the polio vaccine with SV40, a monkey virus that causes cancer in humans.

Haslam feels that Sherman was involved with using a linear accelerator to create genetic mutations in the SV40. This was being done as an effort to create harmless strains of the virus for use in a vaccine to guard against a cancer epidemic. This viral contamination of the polio vaccine may very well be the cause of a soft-tissue cancer epidemic currently sweeping the United States, as well as the deliberate or accidental creation of AIDS. The interview also contains information, not contained in Haslam’s book, concerning the possibility that Oswald may have been spying on this clandestine research and that this work may have been centrally involved in the cover-up of Kennedy’s assassination. (Recorded in June of 1996.)


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