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FTR #190 Interview with Bill Davy

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The 1991 release of the Oliver Stone film JFK led to the release of previously classified government documents about the Kennedy assassination. Relying on some of this recently released documentation and his own extensive probing of the case, author Bill Davy has crafted a brilliant and thoroughly readable volume that does much to vindicate New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

In this program, Davy discusses his book Let Justice Be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation (Jordan Publishing, copyright 1999.) Garrison was clearly onto something. The broadcast begins with discussion of a House Select Committee on Assassinations memo indicating that Clay Shaw (indicted by Garrison) may have been one of the high-level planners (or a cut-out to the high-level planners) of the assassination of President Kennedy. After highlighting a memo from the CIA chief in New Orleans to Langley indicating that Garrison’s investigation was on the right track, the discussion turns to David Ferrie’s mysterious hunting trip on the weekend of the assassination. (A suspect almost from the beginning of Garrison’s inquiry, Ferrie also claimed that his mysterious venture was undertaken for the purpose of ice-skating. His alibi is full of holes and not credible.)

Next, the program sets forth the mysterious 544 Camp Street / 531 Lafayette Place address that housed both Lee Harvey Oswald’s Fair Play for Cuba Committee and the Guy Bannister Detective Agency. (The alleged communist Oswald was the only member of the New Orleans chapter of the FPCC, which shared an address with the operations of the violently anti-communist Bannister’s office. Bannister appears to have been deeply involved with the anti-Castro efforts in the New Orleans.) Ferrie worked with Bannister against the Castro regime.

The program documents numerous connections between principal figures in the case and, in turn, connects them to the intelligence community. Particular emphasis is on the high level governmental obstruction of Garrison’s probe and the role of the media in subverting and discrediting the investigation.

Program Higlights Include: Ferrie’s and Shaw’s involvement in the Freeport Sulphur endeavor (linking both of them to each other and the anti-Castro effort); the Clinton Louisiana incident connecting Oswald, Shaw and Ferrie in an apparent surveillance of black voter registration efforts in that city; the Houma munitions burglary (connected to the Bay of Pigs invasion); a CIA plan to stage a fake attack on the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo as a pretext to invade Cuba; the Deputy Chief Counsel of the House Select Committee’s statement that the committee saw a film of an anti-Castro training facility that linked Oswald to Bannister and CIA official David Atlee Phillips; Oswald’s attempt to gain employment at a Louisiana hospital that was involved in the CIA’s MKULTRA program; connections of Dr. Alton Ochsner to that same facility; CIA connections of Lloyd Cobb, Shaw’s superior at the International Trade Mart; the mysterious Marydale Farm (a probable training site for the assassination); Ku Klux Klan connections of Lloyd Cobb’s brother Alvin; confirmation of Shaw’s use of the alias “Clay Bertrand;” attorney Dean Andrews’ connections to Oswald; Clay Shaw’s numerous connections to the intelligence community; Justice bepartment efforts to undermine Garrison’s investigation; the murder of Ferrie associate Eladio Del Valle (like Ferrie, involved in the anti-Castro effort; hostile figures who infiltrated Garrison’s investigation including Tom Bethell, William Wood (a.k.a. Bill Boxley) and Bernardo de Torres; attempts at intimidating Garrison’s witnesses; writer James Phelan’s hit-piece on Garrison; journalist Hugh Aynesworth’s connections to the CIA and his smearing of Garrison; Walter Sheridan’s NBC attack on Garrison and Sheridan’s connections to the intelligence community; Bannister associate Aaron Kohn’s attack on Garrison’s investigation; rebuttal of the spurious but oft-repeated allegations that Garrison was tied to organized crime. (Recorded on 1/9/2000.)


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