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FTR #191 Update on America’s Political Assassinations

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A civil court recently found that there had been a conspiracy behind the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (something serious researchers of the event have known for years). Although the story was objectively reported in the foreign press, the American print media slanted the coverage in a biased fashion, focusing on (among other points) an allegedly passive defense in the case. Beginning with a comparison of the relatively objective coverage of the case by The Financial Times with the grossly biased coverage by The New York Times (America’s “paper of record” and the CIA’s number one propaganda asset), the broadcast initially focuses on the grotesquely passive “defense” of James Earl Ray. Ray’s so-called defense was conducted by a mixture of white-supremacist and intelligence community-related lawyers, who induced Ray to plead guilty in exchange for a share in the profits of a book by one William Bradford Huie.

Huie also attempted to get Ray to confess his “guilt” in exchange for the profits from a book when the House Select Committee on Assassinations was formed in the 1970s! Interestingly, Huie wrote a notice to President Kennedy in 1961 that eerily foreshadowed some aspects of the assassination of President Kennedy two years later. In particular, the piece referred to an assassin residing in Mexico, where some aspects of the conspiracy were hatched. The second half of the program begins with discussion of a tape of someone imitating Lee Harvey Oswald while calling to the Soviet embassy in Mexico City. The tape of the call was reportedly destroyed several years ago. New information suggests that it has survived. This call was obviously an attempt by someone to frame Oswald by trying to link him with the KGB.

The rest of the program documents efforts by elements of U.S. intelligence to cover up the reality of the taped “Oswald” and mislead the public about the “KGB connection.”  (Recorded on 1/16/2000.)


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