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FTR #192 Mike Ruppert on Ed Wilson

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Long dormant in the depths of the Archive Shows, the tortuous and ongoing story of “ex” CIA agent Ed Wilson is once again making news and shaking foundations in the corridors of American political power. A former LAPD narcotics investigator who has crusaded against the intelligence community’s involvement in the narcotics traffic, Mike Ruppert discusses Wilson’s case in this interview, reviewing past details and revealing new information.

The program begins with discussion of Wilson’s numerous operations, focusing at considerable length on Wilson’s arming and training of Libyan Dictator Khadafy’s terrorist cadre in the 1970s. Shipping more than 20 tons of C-4 plastic explosive and hundreds of thousands of timing devices with which to detonate it, Wilson gave Khadafy a huge terrorist arsenal. In addition, Wilson requisitioned active-duty Special Forces personnel to train Khadafy’s terrorists. The program touches on Wilson and Terpil’s work in training other notorious terrorists, including Italy’s Red Brigades and Carlos the Jackal. Much of the discussion consists of analysis of many of Wilson’s key partners in his various operations, including former CIA officer Theodore Shackley, one of the most important figures in the history of CIA clandestine operations.

The program reviews material from RFA-4 about the deaths of key witnesses in the Wilson case and discusses the fact that Wilson and Terpil’s operations would have been impossible had they not had the tacit approval of U.S. intelligence! In the second half of the program, Mike discusses new information in the case, especially indications that a number of important Justice Department officials and intelligence officers perjured themselves in order to convict Wilson. Specifically, these officials were party to perjured testimony to the effect that Wilson had not had any contact with the CIA since his official retirement. Disclosure of this may very well result in a new trial for Wilson and possible freedom, a development that could have profound implications for the 2000 presidential race. Former President George Bush was director of the CIA when Wilson’s activities were undertaken. Disclosures that Wilson’s operations had been officially sanctioned could be very damaging to his son, George W. Bush.

Program Highlights Include: analysis of the death of State department aide Elaine Boatner, who had possible information to provide about the Wilson case; discussion of the proximity in time of Boatner’s mysterious death, the airplane crash that almost took the life of former CIA director Stansfield Turner and the resignation of Judge Stanley Sporkin (former general counsel to the CIA); Stansfield Turner’s relationship to the Wilson case; Wilson’s work for Task Force 157 (a combined Navy and CIA operation); the relationship between Task Force 157 and the Nugan Hand Bank (one of the seminal U.S. guns-for-drugs operations); analysis of the death of former Wilson associate and CIA officer Kevin Mulcahy. (Recorded on 1/23/2000.)


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