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FTR #196 Update on Euro-Fascism

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The inclusion of Austrian fascist Jörg Haider in an Austrian coalition government has focused attention on the growth of fascist parties elsewhere in the European Union.

Riding a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment, Haider has become a major force in Austrian politics and his anti-immigrant theme has resonated effectively among other European fascist constituencies. The program begins with discussion of the similarity between the political agendas of Haider and other Euro-fascists such as Christoph Blocher (the Holocaust revisionist whose party enjoyed recent success in Swiss elections) and the Belgian Vlaams Blok. Much of the broadcast centers on the plans of key SS theoreticians for a post-war Europe united under fascism. The broadcast analyzes the growth of fascist parties in the EU against the background of those SS plans.

Program Highlights Include: Haider’s Nazi family legacy; the mysterious great uncle who bequeathed Haider his wealth (derived from an estate wrested from Jews fleeing the Third Reich); Haider’s association with Umberto Bossi (an Italian separatist closely allied with Italian fascism); the possibility of the National Alliance becoming part of a coalition government in Italy (the AN is the successor to Mussolini’s fascist party.) (Recorded on 2/20/2000.)


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