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FTR #197 Pro-Fascist Historical Revisionism

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Beginning with the Syrian government’s official denial of the Holocaust in its official publication, Tishreen, the broadcast highlights the growing denial of the historical facts of fascism. Significantly, the Tishreen editorial referenced the work of holocaust revisionist David Irving, currently suing his critics for libel. (For more on this libel suit, see FTR-189.)

Next, the broadcast sets forth Japanese reactionaries’ denial of the Rape of Nanking. (In 1937, the Japanese occupation forces shot, beheaded and bayoneted hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens – the casualty total equaled the number of Japanese who died in both atomic bombings.)

The broadcast also discusses American historical revisionism. In early 2000, South Carolina’s flying of the confederate flag became a political football in the Republican Presidential primaries. Both John McCain and George W. Bush stated that it was up to the people of South Carolina to decide if the flag was to continue to fly atop the state capitol building. (The NAACP is boycotting the state in an attempt to get the flag removed.) Despite the claim by its organizers, a January 2000 rally in support of the flag was openly racist. (Its organizers claimed that the rally was about “heritage, not hate”. Nonetheless, an elected South Carolina representative referred to the NAACP as “the National Association of Retarded People”. When asked to apologize, he said that his statement was unfair to “retarded people”.)

The rally’s backers included an array of the most virulent American fascists and racists on the contemporary political landscape. Program Highlights Include: former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke’s founding of an organization to support the rights of “oppressed” European-Americans; the fascist Liberty Lobby’s midwifing of the Populist Party (which ran Duke for President in 1988); the role of attorney Jack Kershaw in helping to perpetuate the fingering of James Earl Ray as the patsy in the assassination of Martin Luther King (Kershaw founded the MNK Foundation, one of the core elements of the League of the South, which sponsored the pro-Confederate flag rally); Confederate flag supporter A.J. Barker’s association with the Populist Party and the Liberty Lobby; the Liberty Lobby’s involvement in the Holocaust revisionist movement; Confederate flag backer Ed Fields’ Ku Klux Klan background and association with David Duke; Confederate flag backer Kirk Lyons’ involvement with the Aryan Nations, Holocaust revisionism and international neo-Nazism; the overtly and explicitly racist connotations of the Confederate flag (as stated in the Texas articles of secession from 1861.) (Recorded on 2/20/2000.)