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FTR #20 Interview with Harry Martin

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Much media attention was devoted in 1996 to “Dark Alliance,” a San Jose Mercury News series discussing apparent links between San Francisco Bay Area connections to the CIA-Contra related cocaine traffic and the crack epidemic afflicting American inner cities and Afro-American communities. In 1989, Napa Sentinel editor Harry Martin drew on contacts within the law enforcement and intelligence communities to document a San Francisco Bay Area connection to the CIA-Contra related drug traffic that goes well beyond the scope of the Mercury News series. Nicknamed “the Drug Tug Case,” the series analyzes a dizzying series of connections that came to light during an investigation of the bust of a barge laden with scores of tons of hashish and marijuana in San Francisco Bay. In addition to a revolving-door arrangement in which bankruptcy properties were used to maintain ownership of the Isla Jesusita (a drug and weapons-staging area off the coast of Costa Rica), the operation involved people who figured in the Christic Institute’s ill-fated investigation. The series also covers: the mysterious deaths of people involved in the case; strange legal maneuvering indicative of a cover-up; the rip-off of people who invested in a mortgage company that served as a money-laundering front in the investigation and indications that the cover-up of the case still goes on. In addition, the program touches on some of the other investigative series that Harry has done on the National Security establishment over the years. (Recorded 11/10/96.)


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