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FTR #211 Fascism and the Black Metal Music Scene

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This broadcast details the growing fascist influence within the “black metal” music genre.

A hard-core, iconoclastic, pagan-influenced form of rock music, black metals employs the lexicon and iconography of fascism and Nazism as a vehicle for shocking the establishment. Within the black metal milieu is a growing fascist, Nazi and satanic element that is consciously attempting to manipulate the genre in order to win alienated youth over to the fascist cause.

Beginning with discussion of a recent book about the subject, the program details the explicit fascist, Nazi and satanic connections of some of the leading figures involved with the black metal scene. The program details the occult and fascist connections of figures like Boyd Rice. Michael Moynihan and others. (As repeatedly noted in the program, the black metal scene is not fascist. Elements within it are.) It should be noted that fascism and Nazism have (in the past) utilized marginal and alienated elements of society as street soldiers.

As was the case with the Strasserite wing of the NSDAP (the German Nazi party under Hitler), these elements are frequently liquidated after they have served their purpose. It should be noted that William Pierce (the head of the National Alliance, the most important American Nazi organization) has purchased Resistance Records, a Nazi-skinhead music company.

Program Highlights Include: Boyd Rice’s background in the American Front (a domestic Nazi organization); Rice’s status as a member of the Council of Nine (the governing body of the Church of Satan); Rice’s ivolvement with the Abraxas Foundation (an industrial music milieu); the involvement of Feral House publishing guru Adam Parfrey with Abraxas; Parfrey’s close friendship with Boyd Rice; Parfrey’s close association with Michael Moynihan; Parfrey’s association with Nazi, Holocaust-denier and Liberty Lobby associate Keith Stimely; Moynihan’s explicitly satanic orientation; an evidentiary tributary connecting Moynihan to the milieu of the neo-Nazi terrorist group the Order (inspired by The Turner Diaries, authored by William Pierce); the Abraxas Foundation’s embrace of Charles Manson; Moynihan’s fascist activism; Moynihan’s Holocaust revisionism; the association between the Liberty Lobby and Resistance Records; the involvement of former Reagan White House Staffer Todd Blodgett in the Liberty Lobby’s financing of Resistance Records; William Pierce’s stated intention to use Resistance Records to market black metal music; the Scandinavian black metal scene; the church burnings and other violence perpetrated by Scandinavian black metal activists; the Odinist and Satanic orientation of some black metal activists; the fascist and occult activism of New Zealand publisher Kerry Bolton (the publisher of, among other zines, Nexus). (Recorded on 3/11/2000.)


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