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FTR #212 Update on Serpent’s Walk

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Updating FTR-90, this program discusses, among other things, the biological warfare scenario presented in the novel Serpent’s Walk.

The book centers on a Nazi takeover of the United States by the descendants of the SS. Having “gone underground” at the end of World War II and amassed an enormous amount of wealth, the “underground SS” assume control of the country after a biological warfare attack by genetically engineered micro-organisms wipes out much of the world’s population.

This hypothetical biological warfare attack utilizes a military application of a genetic engineering technique known as gene therapy. (Gene therapy involves the use of a virus to inject DNA into a cell’s nucleus for therapeutic purposes. The same methodology can be used for lethal purposes.) In Serpent’s Walk, a genetically engineered and plague-causing organism (named Pacov) is “piggy-backed” onto a virus and wipes out much of the population of Asia and Africa. Ultimately, this deliberate genocide results in retribution and consequent devastation of the United States. This devastation leads to the Nazi takeover.

The analysis presented in the program incorporates discussion of the SV40 virus. A cancer-causing monkey virus that contaminates vaccines, SV40 contains a devastating, cancer-causing protein called “large T-antigen”. This protein deactivates a gene called p53, which prevents cancer by destroying cells that experience genetic damage during mitosis (cellular reproduction.) The adenovirus (which causes the common cold) also deactivates the p53 gene, and genetically altered adenoviruses are being tested as vehicles for gene therapy.

This program explores the possibility that a genetically engineered adenovirus could be used for the destruction of the United States.

Program Highlights Include: excerpt from Serpent’s Walk; discussion of Hans Schwerte (an SS officer who assumed a post-war identity as a respected university professor); Schwerte’s wartime involvement in Nazi medical experiments on concentration camp inmates; Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal’s statement that “there are other Hans Schwertes;” discussion of an alleged CIA officer involved in biological warfare collaboration with the apartheid regime of South Africa; discussion of a murder conspiracy allegedly involving this doctor; discussion of an alleged AIDS-preventing vaginal suppository developed by this doctor.


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