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FTR #218 Update on German Corporate Control of American Publishing

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Beginning with a review of the growing German financial influence in Hollywood (see FTR-200), the broadcast focuses on Bertelsmann’s cementing of control over the American trade and technical publishing businesses. (As noted in previous programs on the subject, this control has been accomplished in tandem with the Von Holtzbrinck firm. Like Bertelsmann, this company appears to be connected to the remarkable and deadly Bormann organization – the economic component of a Third Reich gone underground.

Having divested itself of its stake in AOL Europe (see FTR-200), Bertelsmann is using that capital, as well as money raised through IPO’s, to increase its influence in the American and world-wide media. Bertelsmann has been paying particular attention to increasing its on-line businesses. This growing Bertelsmann influence must be weighed against the background of the scenario presented in the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk.

Program Highlights Include: AOL’s use of Bertelsmann content on its internet services; an IPO by bol.com (Bertelsmann’s on-line book company), the prediction by the head of bol.com that this IPO would make bol.com the number one on-line book seller everywhere in the world except the United States (where Amazon.com is number one); the fact that barnesandnoble.com (50% owned by Bertelsmann) is number two in the United States; Bertelsmann’s acquisition of 49% in a new company that will publish books on-line; the fact that Barnes & Noble owns roughly half of the competing on-line publisher; Bertelsmann’s joint venture with SONY music to publish CD’s on-line (the first such venture by a major music company); a joint Bertelsmann-Pearson venture to form Europe’s largest TV broadcasting company (Pearson is a British firm); the stated intent of this Bertelsmann-Pearson firm to move into the American television market; the role of a Luxembourg-based holding company in Bertelsmann’s half of this new television company; the role of Luxembourg in the above-mentioned Bormann organization; the role of holding companies in the Bormann operation; on-line book sales of the notorious anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; the Bertelsmann Foundation (a non-profit firm deeply involved in education and artistic endeavors.) (Recorded on 4/9/2000.)


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