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FTR #220 Miscellaneous Stories and Updates

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Reviewing material about the use of genetically engineered adenoviruses for “gene therapy” which uses viruses to introduce DNA into cells in order to correct genetic defects. (The adenovirus causes the common cold, and neutralizes the p53 gene, which helps to prevent cancer.)

The cancer-causing monkey virus SV40 also neutralizes the p53 gene. Mr. Emory has ruminated about the possibility of genetically engineering an adenovirus that could cause cancer. In light of the fact that the Merck firm has been involved in genetically altering adenoviruses, this is not a possibility that should be too readily dismissed. The program reviews information about Merck’s involvement in biological warfare and marketing the hepatitis B vaccine, apparently implicated in the development of AIDS.

Next, the program updates the tragic progress of physician assisted suicide in Oregon, the only state to legislate the procedure. The procedure is being consistently abused, leading to the death of innocent and curable people.

Next, the program highlights the role of U.S. intelligence in altering the presentation of journalism and culture. Discussing a review of a book on the CIA’s manipulation of culture during the Cold War, the program sets forth the Agency’s alteration of movies, such as the film version George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984. Other films, books and periodicals were similarly modified by “the Company.”

The program then looks at a U.S. Army “psy-ops” team and its work with CNN. This collusion constitutes direct involvement of the military with the coverage of the Balkans war. The broadcast concludes with analysis of “ex-” CIA officer Tom Braden’s role as the “liberal” in the Crossfire program, opposite Pat Buchanan. (Recorded on 4/2/2000.)


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