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FTR #221 Interview with Kevin Coogan

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Following up on two previous interviews with the brilliant Kevin Coogan, this broadcast further develops material from Kevin’s book Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Post-War Fascist International (Autonomedia, copyright l999.)

Beginning with discussion of former Goebbels propaganda ministry official Johann von Leers, the program discusses von Leers’ work for the “Underground Reich.” After the war, von Leers set up shop in Argentina and then Egypt. Working for the post-war Third Reich underground, von Leers was one of the main contributors to Der Weg, one of the underground’s principal literary outlets.

The program delineates von Leers’ deep occult views, constituting something of a “Germanic New Age” philosophy. From discussion of von Leers. the focus shifts to the Ahnenerbe, an occult society that ultimately became part of Heinrich Himmler’s SS. Following analysis of the Ahnenerbe, the focus shifts to the pro-ecology “green” wing of the NSDAP (the Nazi party under Hitler).

Much of the program centers on Julius Evola, an Italian fascist and occultist whose associations ranged from the SD (the SS intelligence service), to post-war fascists around the world. A believer in violence as a vehicle for “spiritual transcendence,” Evola and his milieu were fiercely anti-American, an outlook that pervades that milieu and its affiliates years after his death.

Program Highlights Include: the sun-worship and Nordic occultism that lay at the core of the beliefs of von Leers; the Ahnenerbe’s belief in “Aryan” supremacy; Ahnenerbe founder Herman Wirth’s career; Walther Darre (the leader of the “green” wing of the NSDAP); the Romanian Iron Guard (the brutal fascist movement in Romania which was allied with the Third Reich); Evola’s association with, and admiration for the Iron Guard; the Iron Guard’s philosophy of “long live death”; Evola’s influence on Italian fascist terrorists such as Ordine Nuovo; the career of Italian fascist Prince Borghese, the “Atlanticist” (pro-American) elements of Italian fascism; Borghese’s endorsement of some of Evola’s work; Evola’s occult concept of “polarities”; Evola’s influence on Francis Parker Yockey.


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