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FTR #222 Fascism and the Black Metal Music Scene, Part II

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Updating discussion from FTR-211, this program begins with discussion of National Alliance leader William Pierce’s acquisition of Resistance Records (a white power music label.) (Pierce is the head of the National Alliance, arguably the most important domestic Nazi group.)

Planning to specialize in black metal music (among other genres), Pierce and his associates are recruiting mainstream musicians to record racist and Nazi music under pseudonyms.

The broadcast highlights the formation of Resistance Records (prior to acquisition by Pierce) by George Bundi (a.k.a. Eric Hawthorne.) Stemming from the World Church of the Creator (another domestic fascist group), Hawthorne and Resistance have been celebrated by the Church of Satan. (Domestic fascists Boyd Rice and Michael Moynihan are both members of the Church of Satan and influential in the black metal milieu.)

A member of the Church of the Creator (Ben Smith) murdered several people in the Midwest (see FTR-168.) The program highlights Moynihan’s support for American Nazi James Mason and his espousal of “lone wolf” racist killers like Smith. Mason has been featured on the racist television show of Tom Metzger, whose organization has been successfully sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Another of Moynihan’s icons (and posthumous benefactor of Moynihan’s publishing outfit) is SS official Karl Willigut.

The program reviews Moynihan’s plans to publish work by fascist/occultist Julius Evola (another advocate of fascist violence as a “spiritual” act). Moynihan is also planning to publish music by the Iron Guard, a Romanian fascist group allied with Hitler (see FTR-221.) (Endorsed by Evola, the Iron Guard liaised with Otto von Bolschwing. Von Bolschwing was a key SS man who worked for the CIA after the war.)

The broadcast sets forth the Abraxas Foundation’s espousal of the Iron Guard’s philosophy of “long live death.” (Recorded on 4/9/2000.)