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FTR #223 Miscellaneous Stories and Updates

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The broadcast begins with a Byzantine tale of industrial (and perhaps political) espionage. A “colonel” (allegedly with the U.S. Air Force) successfully negotiated with leading electronics firms to procure some of their ‘leading edge” technologies. Ostensibly to be used by the military as part of their “black budget,” development program, the equipment disappeared, along with the “colonel”. (For years, the U.S. military has utilized a “black budget,” appropriating billions of dollars worth of military equipment under a cloak of secrecy so tight that not even Congress knows how the money is spent.)

It appears that another country, or some private organization received the equipment secured by “the colonel”. Mr. Emory speculates that Germany or the Underground Reich” may have been the authors of this scam.

Next, the program focuses on European pressure on the joint NSA-British installation at Menwith Hill and the related Echelon network, a subject that Mr. Emory has discussed in the past. Acting at the instigation of Germany, the European Union has been attacking the NSA for allegedly intruding on the privacy of European citizens and corporations. A European Parliament “investigation ” of Echelon is stalled for a predictable lack of concrete evidence.

A speculative item of discussion involves an article about a former Army major snared in an anti-child pornography sting. A resident of Sandpoint, Idaho, this former officer was in charge of contingency plans to evacuate the President in case of a national emergency. He resigned in 1994. (Mr. Emory speculates about the possibility that he may be linked to the white supremacist movement and that he may have been subject to blackmail and consequent political control.

The program then turns to a Clinton Justice Department investigation of the assassination of Orlando Letelier (former Chilean ambassador to the United States under Salvador Allende.) Part of an international assassination program known as Operation Condor, the Letelier assassination took place in Washington D.C.

Furthermore, it took place under the nose of then CIA Director George Bush (the father of George W.). Operation Condor appears to have been conducted with the connivance of the Reagan-Bush faction of U.S. intelligence. An unimpeded investigation of the Letelier killing could very well prove indirectly embarrassing to George W. (“Dubya” is trading on his father’s name for much of the political influence he wields.)

The program concludes with a look at a reported plot against the life of President Clinton while he was visiting India and Pakistan in the early Spring of 2000. That reported attempt was attributed to terrorist Osama Bin Laden, an individual whose family appears to have business ties to George W. Bush. (Recorded 4/16/2000.)


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