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FTR #224 Update on German Corporate Control of American Publishing

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Continuing a line of investigation that Mr. Emory feels is as important (or more important) than any work he has ever done, this program begins with a re-broadcast of an excerpt from FTR-218.

Discussing Bol.com’s IPO, this excerpt highlights the prediction by the head of the company that it will soon surpass Amazon.com in on-line book sales everywhere but in the United States. (Bol.com is the on-line sales division of Bertelsmann, the German media giant that stands astride American publishing, along with the Von Holtzbrinck firm. The available evidence suggests that Bertelsmann belongs to the remarkable and deadly Bormann Organization, the economic and political component of the “Underground Reich”.

Amazon’s stock dropped precipitously in mid-April of 2000, underscoring Mr. Emory’s rumination about the possibility of a Bertelsmann buy-out of Amazon in the eventuality of an economic collapse. (Barnes&noble.com is #2 in on-line book sales in the United States. BarnesandNoble.com, in turn, is 50% owned by Bertelsmann.)

Next, the program highlights the intention of a joint Bertelsmann-Pearson PLC television company to penetrate the U.S. market.

The broadcast recapitulates the analysis of the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk, against which this program must be viewed. Discussing a Nazi takeover of the United States in the mid-21st century, Serpent’s Walk predicates the event on the control of the American opinion forming media by the descendants of the SS. This control, in turn, involves “one corporation gently cuddling up to” another and “munching it up” like a giant amoeba.

The program sets forth the growing relationship between Pearson (the largest educational publisher in the world) and Bertelsmann. Bertelsmann is “gently cuddling up” to Pearson. Whether it munches Pearson up or merely continues to influence it remains to be seen. One Of Pearson’s principal elements is the Penguin publishing outfit.

Penguin and author Deborah Libstadt were the targets of an unsuccessful (and highly publicized) libel suit by Holocaust denier David Irving. Although Irving’s suit was unsuccessful, the views of Bertelsmannts official historian (Dirk Bavendamm) should be borne in mind.

Bavendamm secured forged diaries and sketches attributed to Hitler, which painted a relatively positive picture of the Fuehrer. These forgeries were published by the German magazine Stern, a Bertelsmann property. Bavendamm has written two books blaming Franklin Delano Roosevelt for World War II and claiming that Hitler was blameless for the war. His works also claim that Hitler’s actions toward the Jews were merely a reaction to Roosevelt’s plotting against Germany. The most recent of these titles was published in 1993, and re-released in 1998.

Against the background of Bertelsmann’s dominance of American publishing, the Serpent’s Walk scenario should not be too readily discounted.

The broadcast sets forth The Tehran Times and its referencing of Irving’s work denying the Holocaust. This makes Iran the second Middle Eastern country to reference Irving’s Holocaust denial. The program sets forth the official Syrian publication Tishreen and its use of Irving’s revisionism.

The program concludes with analysis of connections between the “Underground Reich” and Iranian nationalist Mohammed Mossadegh, overthrown by the CIA in 1953 and replaced by Fazollah Zahedi, a former Nazi spy. (Recorded on 4/16/2000.)


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