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FTR #225 AIDS and South Africa

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Building on a body of evidence developed over a period of many years, this program discusses the AIDS epidemic as an application of genetic engineering to the practice of biological warfare.

Specifically, this broadcast analyzes a recent decision by the South African government to seriously entertain the notion that HIV does not cause AIDS. In light of the large number of AIDS cases in that country, this decision could prove disastrous for the nation as a whole, as well as for its citizens who have (or will have) the disease.

Relying on research developed primarily by a German-born scientist implicated in the chain of events underlying the apparently deliberate creation of the disease (Peter Duesberg), the “experts” denying the involvement of HIV in AIDS merit serious consideration as accessories to genocide and, consequently, as war criminals.

After reviewing some of the critical aspects of research pointing to AIDS as a BW weapon, the program recapitulates a portion of Miscellaneous Archive Show M-11. Both the apparent development of AIDS and the development of the apartheid regime of South Africa have evidentiary tributaries connecting these events to the Third Reich.

The development of AIDS stems (in part) from events including the importation into the U.S. of Eric Traub (Hitler’s chief of bacteriological and virological warfare) and his assistant, Anne Burger. (This was done under Project Paperclip, an operation that entailed the incorporation of numerous Nazi scientists into the U.S. national security establishment.)

The apartheid regime of South Africa (in power when the AIDS epidemic began in that country) was dominated by the Broederbond, an elite Afrikaner society specifically patterned after the Nazi party in Germany and developed in collaboration with it.

Having committed suicide after the attempted murder of his business partner, a Southern California doctor was reportedly connected to the CIA. His alleged work for that agency reportedly included the development of biological warfare weapons used by the apartheid regime against its political opponents. The regime’s development of such weapons (and reports that elements of U.S. intelligence were involved in their development) has been a matter of public record for quite some time. The deceased doctor had vials of deadly bacteria in his house and was reportedly working on a vaginal suppository that could prevent AIDS.

Program Highlights Include: former HEW chief Joseph Califano’s background in the Pentagon; Califano’s role in developing a joint NIH /WHO program to report on epidemics in Africa; the apparent role of the National Cancer Institute in developing of AIDS; the highly questionable statistics used by the “experts” who claim AIDS is not caused by HIV; connections between Traub & company, the University of California, the United States Navy’s BW research and Peter Duesberg; Duesberg’s dialogue with AIDS researcher Robert Gallo revealing (in effect) that Duesberg knows that HIV-like viruses produce AlDS-like symptoms, the role of Third Reich agent Von Montmartin in developing the Broederbond; the alliance between the Broederbond milieu and Nazi Germany during World War II; the wartime support for the Third Reich of the men who became leaders of the South African apartheid regime. (Recorded on 4/16/2000.)