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FTR #226 Update on German Corporate Control of American Publishing

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Supplementing previous broadcasts on the subject, this program begins with a review of the Bertelsmann firm’s policy of insuring a substantial net return on total capital expenditures. Bertelsmann is the German media giant that stands astride American publishing, along with the Von Holtzbrinck firm.

Mr. Emory feels this series is as important (or more important) than any work he has ever done. Furthermore, he suggests regretfully and with all due modesty that the future of the human race may depend on the successful dissemination of this material to others. The available evidence suggests that Bertelsmann belongs to the remarkable and deadly Bormann Organization, the economic and political component of the “Underground Reich”.

Whereas many American corporations are in debt (despite rising stock prices), Bertelsmann is in excellent position from the standpoint of net capital earnings. The broadcast examines the slow rise of Barnes&noble.com in U.S. on-line book sales. Fifty-percent owned by Bertsmann, the firm is slowly gaining on Amazon.com. (Bol.com is the on-line sales division of Bertelsmann.)

Examining the exodus of executives from Barnes&noble.com, the program compares this phenomenon with events depicted in the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk. Ostensibly a novel, the book is believed by Mr. Emory to be a manifesto, a blueprint for what the “Underground Reich” is actually doing.

Discussing a Nazi takeover of the United States in the mid-21st Century, Serpent’s Walk predicates the event on the control of the American opinion forming media by the descendants of the SS. This control, in turn, involves “one corporation gently cuddling up to” another and “munching it up” like a giant amoeba. After the “cuddling” and “munching” are completed, executives are “pushed out” and “replaced” with the SS faithful. Mr. Emory speculates about the possibility that this may be going on with Barnes&noble.com.

Much of the rest of the program discusses Bertelsmann and von Holtzbrinck’s “cuddling up” to other companies and publications, as well as highlighting von Holtzbrinck’s apparent links to the Underground Reich. Note that this “cuddling up” permits Bertelsmann and von Holtzbrinck to influence media content without actually gaining total control of the outlets’ parent companies.

Program Highlights Include: Barnes & Noble’s on-line links to The New York Times; Bertelsmann’s links to Pearson PLC, publisher of The Financial Times of London; Barnes&noble.com’s supply agreement with Alibris (an on-line used book company that threatens to dominate that market); Bertelsmann’s proposed merging of its BMG Direct record club with Time Warner’s Columbia House; Bertelsmann’s links with a half-dozen computer firms to market on-line CD’s; von Holtzbrinck’s partnership with The Wall Street Journal (50% ownership of that paper’s European edition); von Holtzbrinck’s possible employment of former SS man and Goebbels Propaganda Ministry official Werner Naumann; Naumann’s apparent connections to the Bormann group. (Recorded on 4/23/2000.)


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