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FTR #228 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

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Introducing or updating a number of different points of information and paths of inquiry, this broadcast begins with a story about South Africa’s unfortunate dalliance with “researchers” who contend that HIV does not cause AIDS.

Relying on research developed primarily by a German-born scientist implicated in the chain of events underlying the apparently deliberate creation of the disease (Peter Duesberg), the “experts” denying the involvement of HIV in AIDS merit serious consideration as accessories to genocide and, consequently, as war criminals. Both the apparent development of AIDS and the development of the apartheid regime of South Africa have evidentiary tributaries connecting these events to the Third Reich.

The development of AIDS stems in part from events including the importation into the U.S. of Eric Traub (Hitler’s chief of bacteriological and viral warfare) and his assistant, Anne Burger. (This was done under Project Paperclip, an operation that entailed the incorporation of numerous Nazi scientists into the U.S. national security establishment.)

The apartheid regime of South Africa (in power when the AIDS epidemic began in that country) was dominated by the Broederbond, an Afrikaner elite society specifically patterned after the Nazi party in Germany and developed in collaboration with it.

The discussion in this broadcast explicitly characterizes the denial of the HIV/AIDS link as being a form of holocaust denial.

The program sets forth several key points that refute the arguments of Duesberg & company. Next, the program discusses a newly declassified report indicating that the Soviets knew of the impending Bay of Pigs invasion and that the CIA knew that the Soviets were aware of the invasion plans. This disclosure raises more questions than it answers. Among those questions: were elements of CIA deliberately trying to involve President Kennedy and the military in a full-scale invasion of Cuba by allowing the Bay of Pigs to fail and are Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty’s charges of Agency sabotage of the invasion valid?

Next, the program highlights the fact that George H.W. Bush was in flight to Dallas on November 22, 1963 and that his plane had to wait for the second presidential plane to take off before it could land. Bush’s name has been connected to the assassination in a number of different contexts.

Continuing with analysis of Bush’s political activities, the program highlights his involvement with the Iran-Contra scandal and a meeting with Mossad operative Amiram Nir at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel in July of 1986. Far from being “out of the loop” as he claimed, Bush was pivotally involved.

Iran-Contra special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh was interested in this meeting and Bush’s role in it. The broadcast relates suspicions by the Mossad (the Israeli secret service) that the CIA had Nir killed in order to cover-up the Iran-Contra scandal. (Nir died in a plane crash in Mexico.)

The program also discusses the alleged presence at that meeting of Army intelligence agents McKee and Gannon. Both McKee and Gannon were killed in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. (The name of arms and drug dealer Monzer Al-Kassar has come up in connection with the bombing of Pan Am 103 The Pan Am insurance investigator’s report claimed that Al-Kassar was the author of the bombing and that the attack was allowed to go forward in order to silence McKee and Gannon. Al-Kassar was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal

The program covers a fund set up by major American corporations to compensate slave-laborers forced to work in their European subsidiaries during the Third Reich.

Next, the program turns to a proposed merger of the London and German stock markets, with a projected link to NASDAQ. The program highlights a hit list drawn up by high school students in Alameda County, California, apparently concocted to “observe” the first anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.

The program concludes with a look at a shooting by an apparent white supremacist in Pennsylvania. The latest in a series of crimes of this type, this slaughter will be discussed in future broadcasts. (See also, FTR-168.) (Recorded on 4/30/2000.)


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