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FTR #238 Update on German Corporate Control of the American Media – Television and Film

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This broadcast examines German corporate influence in television and film, and historical revisionism apparently resulting from that control.

1. The broadcast begins with discussion of the Bertelsmann firm’s purchase of a stake in the Spanish television company Antenna 3. (Financial Times, 5/24/2000, p. 18.) Having worked a major deal with Antenna 3’s owner (Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica) to get preferred content on the Lycos web portal, Bertelsmann views the 12% stake in the TV firm as an important foothold in the Spanish-language television market. (German geo-politicians, including those who influenced Hitler, have long viewed Latin America as the key to controlling all of the Americas, including the United States.)

2. The broadcast then reviews the pro-Nazi revisionist views of Dirk Bavendamm, the house historian for the Bertelsmann firm. (The Nation, 11/08/99.) In books published in 1983, 1993 and 1998, Bavendamm blamed World War II on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “U.S. imperialism,” and the “Jewish-controlled” U.S. media, which, he said, gave a distorted view of Hitler. Bavendamm also said that Hitler’s policy toward the Jews was made necessary by FDR’s war-like policies toward Germany.

3. Next, the program highlights the considerable German corporate foray into Hollywood. (Financial Times, 5/13-14/2000, p. 7.) Increasingly involved in the financing of American movies, German firms are the growing power on the financial horizon of cinema. Particular emphasis is on the control of film for internet content. (The role of corporate Germany in the internet, particularly internet content, will be discussed in in an upcoming segment of this series.) When considering German corporations, it is important to remember that they are controlled by the remarkable and deadly Bormann Organization, the economic and political arm of a Third Reich gone underground. This institution has perpetuated its power in an effective, clandestine, and deadly, Mafia-like fashion in the years since World War II. American corporations are driven by the profit motive, and coordinate policies on labor, environmental, marketing and taxation issues–they are otherwise apolitical. In contrast, German corporations (under control of the Bormann group) function as coordinated elements of international political control, not unlike the divisions in an army.

4. Much of the broadcast focuses on the anti-British historical revisionism and proto-fascism in the movie The Patriot (starring Mel Gibson.) (Salon, 7/03/2000.) Noting that this Revolutionary War epic fabricates atrocities by the British (including an incident which is an identical re-casting of a World War II massacre in the French city of Oradour by the Waffen SS), portrays slavery as a benevolent institution, and contains Nazi-style, racial type-casting, New York Post film critic Jonathon Foreman calls the film “the most fascist” movie he has seen recently.

5. Foreman is particularly troubled that this re-construction of the Revolutionary War British forces as the Waffen SS of their time may have the effect of “normalizing” the behavior of the Nazis in the eyes of the younger generation. Foreman also notes that the director (Roland Emmerich) is German, and is disturbed by the possibility that his nationality may have influenced the film’s historical revisionism. Mr. Emory wonders if the film might be a manifestation of the supposedly fictional plan for Nazi-SS control of the United States that is described in the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk (National Vanguard Books, softcover, copyright 1991, ISBN # 0-937944-05-X.)

6. Mr. Emory believes that the book, supposedly a novel, is a blueprint for the strategic policy Nazi elements are currently pursuing. In this regard, it would resemble The Turner Diaries, also published by National Vanguard–the publishing arm of the National Alliance. This book was the role model for Timothy McVeigh & Co. in the Oklahoma City Bombing, as well as the Nazi group The Order.)


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