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FTR #24 Biological Warfare and Persian “Gulf War Syndrome”

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These segments explore possible biological warfare connections to “Gulf War Syndrome,” beginning with an examination of an individual (Dr. Joshua Lederberg) involved with both a 1994 Pentagon study that minimized “Gulf War Syndrome” and a company that was heavily involved in shipping potentially deadly micro-organisms to the Iraqis. The program examines a number of other possible biological warfare connections to “Gulf War Syndrome” including: aflatoxin (a fungus-derived, liver cancer-inducing biological munitions component which may have been connected to some of the “boiler-plate” research which contributed to the laboratory development of AIDS); the possibility that some of the veterans may have been used as human guinea pigs for the testing of micro-organisms and/or experimental vaccines; the disappearance of the shot records of many of these veterans and the discovery by Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson of an infectious micro-organism (a mycoplasma), which appears to have been genetically altered through the addition of a gene from HIV, rendering it more pathogenic. The program also explores the possibility that the United States may have given the Iraqis this mycoplasma to use against the Iranians (during the Iran-Iraq war) and the possibility that it may have been used in air-burst scuds against U.S. troops. (Recorded in December of 1996.)


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