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FTR #243 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

MP3 One Segment

1. As the title indicates, this program (like others with this name) updates, and/or introduces, miscellaneous stories. Beginning with discussion of the Waco, Texas, liquidation of the Branch Davidians, the broadcast notes the untimely death of Carlos Ghigliotti, an infrafred expert who had been involved in a wrongful-death lawsuit against the government. Ghigliotti had maintained that flashes shown on a videotape of the final assault on the Branch Davidian compound came from government gunfire. The 42-year-old died of an apparent heart attack, his decomposed body found at his office at Infrared Technologies Corp. of Laurel, Maryland. His death was seen by the plaintiffs as greatly hindering the presentation of their case. (The San Francisco Examiner, 5/15/2000, p. A10.)

2. Next, the broadcast highlights the recent purchase of United Press International by the Unification Church of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. (The New York Times, 5/16/2000, p. A19.) For the once prestigious wire service (which had fallen on lean times in recent years), this was another step down the ladder of journalistic credibility. A fixture of the American far right, the Moon organization has strong links to international fascism and the intelligence community. Recently, George Bush Sr. has been doing speeches on behalf of the Moon organization in Latin America.

3. The program then supplements information presented in FTR 232. Chronicling the absorption of the London Stock Exchange by the Deutsche Borse, that program focused on the control of the new, “merged” iX exchange by the “Big Three” of German banking–The Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank. These institutions were the backbone of the Third Reich in its above-ground phase, and continue in that role as part of the remarkable and deadly Bormann organization. In FTR 232, Mr. Emory closed the discussion by noting the observation by the outgoing head of the London Stock Exchange that the “endgame” of the liaison between the iX exchange and NASDAQ was a full merger with the American high-tech market. This broadcast notes that NASDAQ is now in discussion with iX to effect a complete merger. (The Financial Times, 7/18/2000, P.1; The Wall Street Journal, 7/18/2000, p. C14.)

4. In the series on German corporate control of American media, Mr. Emory noted the liaison between the Pearson corporation and Bertelsmann, and the unsuccessful lawsuit filed by Holocaust revisionist David Irving against Penguin books, Pearson’s main trade publishing arm. This program notes Irving’s presence at a Holocaust revisionist conference and the endorsement of the gathering’s thesis by the former Representative Pete McClosekey (a “liberal” Republican.) (San Jose Mercury News, 5/30/2000, p. 8A.)

5. Focusing on a different kind of holocaust denial, the program underscores the dissemination of the hypothesis that AIDS is not caused by HIV. Representative Rick Lazio (currently running against Hillary Clinton for the Senate) took an advocacy stance on behalf of a constituent who endorses the hypothesis that HIV does not cause the disease. (The New York Times, 7/28/2000, p. A21.) In numerous broadcasts, Mr. Emory has noted the disturbing indications that AIDS was deliberately created, and the probable connection of Fort Detrick, Maryland to its creation. This program documents a chilling development in the war on drugs.

6. As part of an attempt to eradicate the Colombian marijuana, cocaine and opium crops, the United States and Britain are utilizing biological warfare agents from Fort Detrick and former Soviet biowar specialists from Kazakhstan to genetically alter some of these bio-war agents. (Counterpunch, 6/-15/2000, p.1.)

7. Mr. Emory notes that the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk entails a takeover of the United States by the descendants of the SS, after an attack by genetically-altered biological warfare agents of ostensibly Russian origin wipes out much of the world’s population. Noting that these agents were distributed through the drug infiltration routes into the U.S., the program underscores the potential for deliberate misuse of the joint American-British effort in Colombia by elements of the “Underground Reich.” (Serpent’s Walk, softcover, National Vanguard Books, copyright 1991, ISBN# 0-937944-05-X, pp 145-6.) (Recorded on 8/6/2000.)


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