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FTR #249 Bush-Whacked: More About the Political Heritage of George W.

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1. With George W. Bush running for President, this broadcast sets forth more about the political heritage of Bush and the Bush family. The discussion begins with analysis of two of George H.W. Bush’s fellow “bonesmen” — fellow members of the elite Skull and Bones society at Yale. (George W. and his father and grandfather were members of Skull and Bones.) Howard Weaver and Samuel Sloan Walker Jr. both worked with Allen Dulles’ “Freedom Fighters” program. (The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons; St. Martin’s Press; copyright 1994; ISBN 0-312-11057-X; pp. 592-3.)

2. Loftus and Aarons suggest that George Bush’s introduction into the intelligence community may have taken place as a result of his association with intelligence-connected “bonesmen” like Weaver and Sloan Walker Jr. (In RFA-37 and FTR-244, the networking among Prescott Bush Sr., Allen Dulles, their mutual friend and Skull and Bones member Henry Neil Mallon and George H.W. Bush was discussed at some length. Anthony Kimmery opines that Bush’s introduction to the intelligence community took place through this connection.) It should be noted that Bush was deeply involved with the “fascist freedom fighters” network. (Idem.)

3. The program discusses some of the mythology about, and substance of, the Skull and Bones society. (The New York Observer; 3/27/2000; pp. 15-16.)

4. The discussion touches on the occult origins of the group’s initiation rituals, some of the influential men who had belonged to the group, the group’s on-going contacts with the elder George, and a circular letter instructing “bonesmen” to avoid discussion of the group (presumably because of the candidacy of George W. (Idem.)

5. The discussion then highlights allegations that Prescott Bush (Sr.) helped to rob Geronimo’s grave, as well as related charges that the Apache warrior’s remains were then taken back to the “Tomb” (the insider’s nickname for the Skull and Bones headquarters.) (The San Francisco Examiner; 8/31/2000; p. A-23.)

6. An investigation into the charges by leaders of the San Carlos Apaches in Arizona lends credibility to the charges. (Idem.)

7. Next, the program airs charges by a former Republican member of the Nebraska state legislature that key members of the Republican Party were deeply involved in organized child molestation. (The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska; AWT Inc.; copyright 1992.)

8. A number of witnesses to these alleged activities contend that George H.W. Bush was present at parties where the atrocities were committed, and that Bush may have had knowledge of the goings-on. (Ibid., pp. 175-177.)

9. Similar allegations surfaced in connection with Covenant House, a house for orphaned boys. (The Franklin Cover-Up; pp. 178-181.)

10. Covenant House has been very active in Central America, and has received strong support from, among others, Prescott Bush, Jr. (Idem.)

11. The wheels of power appear to have turned in order to protect Father Ritter, the founder of Covenant House. (Idem.) The allegations in The Franklin Cover-Up were uncovered as a result of an investigation into the collapse of one of the financial institutions looted in the savings and loan scandal.

12. The name of George W’s brother Neil also surfaced in connection with the S & L scandal. Neil Bush approved many of the bad loans that collapsed Denver’s Silverado Savings and Loan. (The Houston Post, 2/4/1990.) (It should be noted that George H.W. Bush chaired the task force that crafted the “reforms” under which the looting of the S & L’s took place. It should also be noted that Neil Bush’s name also figures in the scenario surrounding the shooting of President Reagan–see FTR-244.)

13. Neil Bush’s name also surfaced in connection with the Sun-Flo case in Colorado. (“Dealer’s Choice: A Colorado Invention Was Supposed to End World Hunger, but Instead Left Investors High and Dry” by Bryan Abas; Westword; 7/13-19/1988.)

14. Bush’s name was used to help raise money for a dehydration device designed to preserve produce in Third World areas. (Idem.)

15. It appears that the enterprise was a scam to raise money for cocaine trafficking, possibly in connection with the Contra support effort in Central America. (Idem.)

16. Neil and W’s brother Jeb (currently governor of Florida) also assisted with the prosecution of the Contra War in Nicaragua. Jeb Bush served as his father’s liaison to the anti-Castro Cuban community in Florida. (“The Family That Preys Together” by Jack Calhoun; Covert Action Information Bulletin #41; Summer 1992.)

17. The anti-Castro Cubans were deeply involved in the Contra support effort. Through this same connection Jeb Bush also maintained contacts with figures from the Florida underworld milieu. (Idem.) (Recorded on 9/17/2000.)


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