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FTR #252 Update on Global Fascism

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This program highlights the development of fascism around the world and over the decades. Beginning with revisionist history of the Battle of Britain, the program examines a novel interpretation of that event by Adolph Galland (in charge of German fighter aircraft during World War II.) (Yorkshire Post; 9/11/2000; www.ypn.co.uk/archive.)

1. Galland contends that Hitler had already decided against invading Britain before the engagement took place and that the German Meschermitt 109 aircraft was superior to the British Spitfire. (Idem.)

2. At variance with the facts, Galland’s view is characteristic of pro-fascist revisionism currently gaining distribution. Galland’s views were written down in the immediate aftermath of the war (when he was serving as an aide to Argentinian president Juan Peron), but not published in English until recently.

3. Next, the broadcast details the ordeal of a former undercover agent for the Bundeswehr (German armed forces). Assigned to infiltrate the Nazi Nationalist Front (“NF”), the soldier’s superiors have not protected him from possible retribution. (Der Tagesspiegel Online; 8/19/2000; cryptome.org; translation by Cryptome.)

4. Because a secretary for a Bundeswehr brigade commander worked for the NF, “Michael P” was viewed as possibly being in danger. (Idem.)

5. When assigned to the United States, Michael was disturbed to see a swastika-adorned photograph adorning the wall of an officer who was working as a liaison officer with the United States Army. (Idem.)

6. That officer was Lieutenant Colonel Guenther Guderian and the picture was that of his grandfather, General Heinz Guderian (one of the Wehrmacht’s top commanders under Hitler.) (Idem.)

7. Guderian had posted the picture on the wall of his office in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (Idem.)

8. General Guderian was a principal target of recruitment by the U.S. in the post-war period. (Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International; Autonomedia; copyright 1999; ISBN 1-57027-039-2; pp. 393-394.)

9. Because of his status as a Third Reich military hero, Guderian’s allegiance was seen as a bulwark against the possibility that Germany might pursue a neutralist (or even pro-Soviet) stance during the Cold War. (Ibid.; p. 393.)

10. Next, the program highlights the recent death of Aleksandras Lileikis in Lithuania. The head of the Lithuanian security police during the Nazi occupation, Lileikis was viewed as a war criminal for his role in the liquidation of Lithuanian Jewry, and was sought for many years after the war. (Los Angeles Times; 9/28/2000; p. A5.)

11. Like so many Third Reich collaborators, Lileikis was able to elude capture, in part, because of the assistance he received from the United States. (Idem.)

12. Like many Eastern European fascists, Lileikis was given sanctuary in the U.S. (Idem.)

13. Much of the second half of the program focuses on Jörg Haider in Austria. Despite having formally resigned as head of the Freedom Party, Haider appears to be the actual “power behind the throne” in the Austrian government. (San Francisco Chronicle; 9/27/2000; pp. 14-16.)

14. In that context, it should be noted that the EU recently lifted sanctions against Austria. (“EU Scraps Sanctions,” by Graeme Atkinson; The Searchlight; October of 2000, #304; p. 26.)

15. Austrian chancellor Wolfgang Schussel, in particular, has begun to look and sound like a clone of Haider. (“Diplomacy Austrian Style” by Karl Pfeifer; The Searchlight; October of 2000 #304; pp. 26-27.)

16. The program concludes with a look at “networking” among fascists of various nations. Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, his political ally Gianfranco Fini, former U.S. Ambassador Maxwell Rabb (an old ally of Italian fascists) and elements of Israel’s far-right Likud Party have been coordinating their activities. (“International Fascist Axis” by Gerry Gable; The Searchlight; October of 2000 #304; p. 9.)

17. Berlusconi is a former member of Licio Gelli’s P-2 lodge. His associate Fini is the head of the National Alliance, the direct successor to Mussolini’s fascist party in Italy. (Recorded on 10/8/2000.)


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