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FTR #254 Vouch For This!

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1. One of the principal issues in the 2000 campaign has been “education.” In California, a ballot initiative was placed before voters that offered to pay families to send children to private school. This voucher initiative, “Proposition 38,” was the brainchild of Tim Draper, a California Republican. (The San Jose Mercury News; 10/19/2000; p.1A.) Although Mr. Emory does not impugn Draper’s character, it is important to note that (appearances to the contrary notwithstanding) Draper is the heir to a legacy that is the opposite of the image projected in the article about Proposition 38.

2. The article stresses Draper’s alleged enthusiasm for multi-culturalism, the fabled “melting pot” and a “level playing field” for all. (Ibid.; p. 22A.)

3. Excerpting FTR-102, the broadcast points out that the Draper family has a deep historical involvement with fascism and doctrinaire racism. Draper’s grandfather, William H. Draper Jr., was heavily involved with promoting investment in Germany between the World Wars. (The Splendid Blonde Beast: Money, Law and Genocide in the 20th Century; Christopher Simpson; softcover edition Common Courage Press; copyright 1995.)

4. W.H. Draper Jr.’s work on behalf of Germany was done while working for a subsidiary of the investment firm of Dillon, Read & Company. (Idem.)

5. After the war, Draper (as a brigadier general) was one of the principal figures in charge of the economic reconstruction of Germany. (Idem.)

6. In that capacity, he saw to it that the same industrialists and financiers who had backed Hitler were retained in positions of economic responsibility in the “new” Germany. (Idem.)

7. Next, the program discusses the Pioneer Fund, a pro-eugenics organization that was a major influence on the eugenics thinking and legislation of that period. (The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism and German National Socialism; Stefan Kuhl; hardcover copyright 1994; Oxford University Press.)

8. Wyckliffe Draper (the cousin of William H. Draper Jr.) was the principal financial backer of the Pioneer Fund. (Idem.) As noted in other programs, American eugenicists wielded a profound influence on their German colleagues and, in turn, the development of the Third Reich’s racial legislation.

9. The Pioneer Fund was a major influence on the racist bestseller The Bell Curve.
(“The Funding of the Science,” by Barry Mehler; The Searchlight; 7/1998.)

10. The broadcast concludes with a look at the collaboration of William H. Draper Jr. and George H.W. Bush in formulating a policy of “population control” in the Third World. (Emerging Viruses–AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?; Dr. Leonard Horowitz; hardcover copyright 1996; Tetrahedron.)