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FTR #257 American Development of “Flying Discs” in the Post-World War II Period

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NB: This RealAudio stream contains both FTRs 257 and 258 in sequence. Each is a 30-minute broadcast.

1. Building on information presented in previous programs, this program focuses primarily on information about a “flying disc” developed by the United States Air Force during the Cold War.

2. Obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, past government documentation provides the basis for a very important article published in Popular Mechanics. (“America’s Nuclear Flying Saucer” by Jim Wilson; Popular Mechanics; 11/2000; pp.66-71.)

3. The article highlights the development of a secret project to deploy a disc-shaped aircraft that could achieve space orbit at an altitude of 300 miles. (Ibid., p. 68.)

4. Named the LRV (Lenticular Reentry Vehicle), the craft was to be armed with nuclear missiles and was, in part, to be nuclear-powered as well. (Ibid., p. 68.)

5. Based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio), this project was developed, in part, with Third Reich technology and personnel brought into the United States under Project Paperclip. (Ibid., p. 68.)

6. Next, the broadcast furthers a line of inquiry on the use of genetic engineering and “UFOs” for the purpose of waging political and psychological warfare. The discussion highlights the continued development of a human-cloning project by the UFO cult the Raelians. (“Leader Emerges for Disciples of Human Cloning” by Tom Abate; San Francisco Chronicle; 10/12/2000; p. B5.) The Raelians espouse a cuddly-sounding totalitarian social system based on the allegedly superior moral and technological superiority of the “Elohim.” The latter are an alleged space alien species.

7. They have begun a formal marketing of their cloning technology in the United States. (Idem.)

8. Among the services they are offering is the cloning of cells from a deceased loved one. (Idem.)

9. Their leader promises potential immortality. (Idem.)

10. The program concludes with a look at a recent experiment in which cells from a jellyfish were spliced into a rabbit embryo and resulted in a rabbit that, under certain kinds of light, glowed like a jellyfish. (“News Stories About Tinkering with DNA Miss the Big Picture,” by Tom Abate; San Francisco Chronicle; 9/25/2000; p. D1. This information echoes some predictions in Lectures 1 and 2.)

11. The use of Third Reich veterans of the rocket plane programs that began with the ME163 (Popular Mechanics; 11/2000; p. 68.)

12. A number of aspects of the aircraft’s physical construction that correspond with actual verifiable physical evidence obtained from crash sites. (Ibid., p. 71.)

13. Reproductions of blueprints obtained under FOIA. (Ibid., p. 69.);

14. Eyewitness accounts and analytical information indicating that the LVR may very well have actually been built. (Ibid., pp. 68-71.) (Recorded on 10/22/2000.)


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