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FTR #258 The Brown & Root of All Evil

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NB: This RealAudio stream contains both FTRs 257 and 258 in sequence. Each is a 30-minute broadcast.

This broadcast highlights and analyzes an article from Mike Ruppert’s From the Wilderness newsletter. (A former LAPD narcotics investigator, Mike has worked for years to expose the intelligence community’s involvement in the narcotics traffic.) All of the citations in the description that follows are from this article.

The article is titled “The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire” authored by Mike Ruppert in the 10/24/2000 issue of From the Wilderness. The article deals with the Brown & Root construction firm, a subsidiary of Halliburton Oil, whose CEO is Dick Cheney, the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee.

The article concentrates on evidence linking Brown & Root’s operations with covert operations and drug smuggling. Beginning with Brown & Root’s connections to a major Russian oil company, the article connects drug money to contributions made to the Bush campaign. (From the Wilderness; 10/24/2000; p. 1.)

A Washington, D.C., attorney for this company held a fund-raiser for George Bush last June. (Idem.)

Mike’s article details B & R’s history of work for the government and government subsidies that have been paid to finance the firm’s work in foreign countries.

Program Highlights Include: Brown & Root’s work in Vietnam during the war (Ibid., p. 2.); the company’s work dismantling Soviet ICBM’s (Idem.); Cheney’s role in dispensing Brown & Root contributions to Republican politicians (Idem.); the company’s building projects in Colombia and the possible dual-use of those facilities by the intelligence community (Ibid., p. 3.); the firm’s work in Turkey, apparently doubling as an intelligence asset dealing with Kurdish refugees (Ibid., pp. 3-4.); the role of the Export-Import in aiding CIA covert operations (Ibid., p. 4.); details about the Brown & Root/Tyumen Oil Company/drug-trafficking link (Ibid., pp. 4-5.); details about the Bush fund-raiser organized by James C. Langdon (Ibid., p. 5.); the Laotian origin of the heroin allegedly involved in the B & R/Alfa Group connection (Ibid., p. 5.); Mike’s own experience with Brown & Root operations in the Gulf of Mexico, allegedly used as CIA drug-smuggling bases (Ibid., pp. 6-9.); other allegations of Brown & Root complicity in drug-related covert operations in the Middle East (Idem.) (Recorded on 10/28/2000.)


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