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FTR #259 Campaign 2000 — Beating the Bushes in Florida

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1. This program analyzes some of the events in the 2000 presidential campaign against the background of the political heritage of the Bush family.

2. In particular, the broadcast relates recent stories involving Latin American political violence with the political milieu of Jeb Bush (governor of Florida and the brother of George W.)

3. Discussion begins with new disclosures concerning the assassination of Orlando Letelier, a Chilean diplomat living in exile in the United States. Recently declassified documents reveal that U.S. intelligence was aware of the impending assassination. (“Documents Shed Light on Assassination of Chilean in U.S.” by Christopher Marquis and Diana Jean Schemo; The New York Times; 11/14/2000; p. A8.)

4.The Letelier assassination was part of an international assassination consortium known as Operation Condor. Next, the broadcast excerpts RFA#37 and reviews key aspects of Operation Condor. (The material is from The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence and International Fascism, by Henrik Kruger, softcover and hardcover editions copyright 1980 by South End Press.)

5. Operation Condor and the Letelier killing were orchestrated by an international fascist milieu that Kruger calls the International Fascista. (Idem.) Incorporating Nazi SS officers, CIA operatives, anti-Castro Cubans and Latin American and European fascists, the International Fascista is at one with the political forces behind George Bush.

6. Many of Condor’s crimes were committed while the elder Bush was director of the CIA. (Idem.)

7. One of the major elements in Operation Condor and the Fascist International was the CORU organization. (Idem.)

8. Headed by a militant anti-Castro Cuban named Orlando Bosch, CORU was behind a wave of terrorist incidents in the U.S. and Latin America, again, while Bush was director of the CIA. (Idem.)

9. A colleague of Bosch’s and an alleged participant in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner in which 73 people died was recently arrested in Panama and detained on suspicion of conspiring to murder Fidel Castro. (“Former CIA Agent Accused of Castro Plot

10. Next, the program excerpts more information from RFA#37, detailing Jeb Bush’s role as his father’s liaison with the anti-Castro Cubans in Florida. (“The Family That Preys Together” by Jack Colhoun; Covert Action Information Bulletin #41; Summer 1992.) The anti-Castro Cubans were deeply involved in the Contra support effort.

11. Jeb Bush also maintained contacts with figures from the Miami underworld milieu. (Idem.)

12. In particular, Jeb led the effort to win freedom for CORU’s Orlando Bosch. (Idem.)

13. In light of the political heritage of the Bush family and the associations maintained by Jeb, the electoral irregularities besetting the 2000 campaign should not come as a surprise. The concluding portion of the broadcast details some of those irregularities and some of the people apparently involved in them. In addition to the disputed “butterfly ballots” in Palm Beach county, African voters appear to have been interdicted in large numbers in their attempts to vote. (“Fairness for Whom?” by Bob Herbert; The New York Times; 11/13/2000; p. A25.)

14. A Republican official contravened Florida election law by allowing Republican workers to camp out in her office for as long as 10 days to make handwritten corrections on the pre-printed applications. (“G.O.P. Played Role in Absentee Vote” by Michael Moss and Ford Fessenden; The New York Times; 11/14/2000; p. A1.)

15. As has been well-recorded, the Florida official in charge of the balloting was co-chair of the Bush for President campaign in that state. (“Florida Official Has Dual Roles In a Maelstrom” by Michael Cooper; The New York Times; 11/14/2000; p. A1.)

16. Even though Jeb Bush recused himself from the recount battle, some of his top aides have not. (“Jeb Bush’s Top Aides Taking Time Off to Help the Governor’s Brother” by Lisa Getter; The San Jose Mercury News; 11/17/2000; p. 25A.)

17. In addition, it turns out that the head of the political desk at Fox news who led the media stampede to reassign Florida from Gore to Bush, was Jeb and “W’s” cousin John Ellis. (“One More election Embarrassment for the Press: Bush Cousin” by Tom Rosenstiel; The Los Angeles Times; 11/15/2000; p. B9.)

18. Ellis was in close telephonic contact with Jeb and “W” on election night, apparently feeding them political intelligence on the election. (“News Executive Called Races, and Bush” by Bill Carter; The New York Times; 11/14/2000; p. A17.) (Recorded on 11/19/2000.)


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