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FTR #26 Sons of the Gestapo

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This series focuses on events in and around the sabotaging of an Amtrak train in Arizona in October of 1995. The wreck killed several passengers, injured many more and has gone unsolved. A note found at the site of the wreck took credit for it on behalf of “the Sons of the Gestapo” and said the action was in retaliation for FBI actions at Waco against the Branch Davidians and at Ruby Ridge against Randy Weaver. Although the authorities denied that there was any such organization, an enterprising Christian Science Monitor journalist traveled to the area and discovered that there was such a group, although local residents familiar with them said that they didn’t think them capable of sabotaging a train. Additionally, the series focuses on the history of fascist sabotage against trains in the United States, going back to the World War II period. The programs also present evidence that the SS, Hitler’s feared elite guard, may have raised a second generation—literally “the sons of the Gestapo.” (Recorded in late 1995.)


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