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FTR #269 WAY Too Much Monkey Business

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This program details some alarming developments in the fields of bio-technology and medicine. Unwittingly (perhaps), these “advances” may have devastating applications to the field of biological warfare.

1. The British magazine New Scientist reported that Australian gene engineers had converted a mousepox virus into a deadly killer. (“Aussie Scientists Stumble Across the Doomsday Bug” [Agence France Presse]; Yahoo! Asia News;1/11/2001.)

2. The mousepox virus is closely related to the human smallpox virus, and the insertion of the molecule interleukin 4 (IL-4) made the rodent version much deadlier. (Idem.)

3. Specifically, the virus destroyed the immune systems of the infected mice, and fit proved resistant to a vaccine that would normally protect mice from infection. (Idem.)

4. Scientists are afraid that, if IL-4 were added to the human smallpox virus, it could become much deadlier. (Idem.)

5. Next, the broadcast highlights discussion about a theory that AIDS may have resulted from the contamination of a polio vaccine with HIV. (“Quest for the Origin of AIDS” by William Carlsen; San Francisco Chronicle , 1/14/2001; pp. A1-A14.)

6. The article (first of two parts) gives some credence to the theory advanced in the book The River by Edward Hooper. (Idem.)

7. The hypothesis appears to be the synthesis of distinct, but related hypotheses–that an epidemic of soft tissue cancers resulted from the contamination of the polio vaccine with a cancer-causing monkey virus (SV40) and the contamination of an experimental hepatitis-B vaccine with HIV.

8. Most of the program consists of excerpts of an interview with Ed Haslam, the author of Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory (Wordsworth Press, copyright 1995.) In the interview, Ed effectively debunks Hooper’s hypothesis, and points out that the publication of The RiverUnited States. (The probability that AIDS stemmed from the application of genetic engineering to biological warfare is discussed in numerous programs noted below.) led to the destruction of existing stocks of the old polio vaccine. Ed also debunks a bogus theory that AIDS had evolved as early as 1930, pointing out that the “data” utilized to validate that theory came from a chimpanzee in a U.S. Air Force laboratory in the United States. (The probability that AIDS stemmed from the application of genetic engineering to biological warfare is discussed in numerous programs noted below.)

9. After the Haslam interview, the broadcast highlights an alarming genetic engineering experiment. In the experiment, a jellyfish gene was successfully inserted into a monkey egg, the egg was then fertilized and the protein created by the inserted gene was passed on to the young monkey. (“Monkey Born With Altered Cells in Gene Engineering Experiment” by Gina Kolata; New York Times; 1/12/2001; pp. A1-A17.)

10. The stated purpose of the experiment was “to create colonies of monkeys that had been genetically modified to develop a human disease.” (Idem.) In numerous programs cited below, the dangers of bridging the “species barrier” are cited. In particular, primate viruses and human illness have been positively linked by numerous credible studies.

11. Next, the program sets forth information about a genetically engineered vaccine being marketed by the Bayer company. The vaccine is said to have anti-cancer properties and acts on a gene that causes tumors. (“Bayer, Millennium Say Genomic Drug that They Developed Fights Tumors” by Vanessa Fuhrmans; Wall Street Journal; 1/11/2001; p. B4.) Mr. Emory points out that this same technology could be used to cause tumors, and that the Bayer company was formerly part of the I.G. Farben company that was the backbone of the Third Reich.

12.The program concludes with examination of claims that a vaccine that inoculates children for measles, mumps and rubella can be dangerous. (“Report Over Vaccine Sparks off Political Row, as Campaigners Say Figures Will not Change their Opposition;” Yorkshire Post; 1/13/2001.)


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