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FTR #272 ” . . .They Shall Reap the Whirlwind”

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NB: This RealAudio stream contains FTRs 271 and 272 in sequence. Each is a 30-minute broadcast.

Recorded on 1/26/2001
Introduction: During Jimmy Carter’s administration, a treaty was ratified by the U.S. and former U.S.S.R. banning the manipulation of environmental disasters for military purposes. Covering earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and other weather events, the agreement was realized in order to prevent the development and use of a truly insidious generation of WMD’s. In interviews with Dr. Nick Begich, co-author (with Jeanne Manning) of Angels Don’t Play this HAARP, we analyzed Project HAARP, the patents for which specifically refer to applications altering the weather for military purposes.

In this program, we examine the possibility of another application of weather modification technology with potential military applications. A project funded by the European Space Agency and parented by a “Ben” Eastlund utilizes micowave beam technology to neutralize tornadoes. (The description of Eastlund as a former Star Wars scientist suggest strongly that he is the Bernard Eastlund who developed HAARP, which also has potential missile defense applications.) In addition to the fact that tornadoes are a very rare occurrence in Europe, they had previously been known to kill an average of 100 Americans a year–a relatively low casualty rate that has moved critics to suggest that it wouldn’t be worth the expense of development.

One wonders why this project would have been of interest to the European Space Agency or Europeans in general.

Feared to carry the potential to make tornadoes worse, the technology might very well have potential military applications.

In the wake of a devastating tornado season in the United States, it might be worthwhile to inquire as to whether such technology may in fact have been developed and utilized. Note that, in addition to the initial devastation and loss of life inflicted by these devastating storms, the federal funds for aid and reconstruction place further strain on the U.S. budget at a time when the national debt and deficits are at the forefron of political debate in the United States and elsewhere.

An enemy of the U.S. could inflict both loss of life, property damage and fiscal destruction on the United States through the application of such technology.

(Note that it is more than thirty years since the environmental treaty was concluded. Just consider the advancement of military technology in the thirty year period from 1918–the end of World War I–and 1948, when the atomic bomb, jet bombers designed to deliver that weapon and long range balistic missiles were developed and/or in and advanced state of R & D. It would be unwise to assume that similar advancements in military technology have not taken place in the last thirty years.)

It is also important to remember that earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and similar catastrophes are natural phenomena that have always existed. Climate change experts are of the belief that the destructive effects of global warming are already being manifested, suggesting that the severe tornado season may result (in part at least) from CO2 levels in the atmosphere. When an environmental catastrophe does occur, it would be foolish to fall into the trap of automatically concluding that “Oh my God! It must the Project HAARP! [Controlled by “The Illuminati”, no doubt.]

Such thinking and action exhibits “conspiracy theory at its worst,” and plays in to the hand of cynical critics, in addition to obscuring real, substantive inquiries into the possible military application of environmental modification technologies.

1. Past broadcasts have explored the use of environmental modification for military purposes. Those programs are the foundation for this broadcast. The title is a Biblical reference (Hosea, 8:7), and refers to those who “. . . sow the wind” as being doomed to “. . .reap the whirlwind.”

2. Ben Eastlund, described as “a former Star Wars defense program scientist,” has proposed using an orbital, space-based microwave beam to neutralize tornadoes. (“Could Tornadoes Be Prevented?” by Jerry Bowen; CBS News Online; 1/16/2001, www.cbsnews.com/now/story.)

3. Eastlund appears to be the “Bernard” Eastlund who developed the HAARP system, described in the broadcasts enumerated above. The alteration of the weather for military purposes, and the destruction of incoming enemy missiles are among the stated applications of the HAARP system patents. (The destruction of enemy missiles would, obviously, be a “Star Wars” application.)

4. Critics of Eastlund’s proposal believe that his “tornado prevention” system could, in practice, make tornadoes worse and/or kill birds or knock down airplanes. (Idem.)

5. Mr. Emory discusses the possibility that the same technology could be used to cause tornadoes. In that context, it should be noted that Eastlund’s research has been funded by the European Space Agency. (Idem.)

6. It should be noted that Europe rarely has tornadoes and only 100 Americans a year are killed by these storms. (One wonders why the European Space Agency would fund such research.) The proposed tornado targeting system would require “precision targeting” systems. (Idem.)

7. Next, the program examines the proposed sale of a key Silicon Valley firm to a Dutch holding company, ASM Lithography. (“Spy Tech: The U.S. Edge” by Alan Tonelson; San Jose Mercury News; 1/9/2001; p. B7.)

8. Silicon Valley Group Inc. has Tinsley Laboratories as a subsidiary. (Idem.)

9. The latter “has been the sole manufacturer of many of the state-of-the-art mirrors and lenses in the high-powered cameras carried by America’s spy satellites-systems that the Clinton administration has called ‘among the most valuable national security assets.'” (Idem.)

10. Mr. Tonelson worried “that ASM’s far-flung global operations and corporate alliances with companies like Germany’s Carl Zeiss and Schott Glass could make it more difficult to keep SVG/Tinsley’s advanced optics and lithography capabilities from migrating to unfriendly countries.” (Idem.)

11. By way of emphasizing the history of the firms to which ASM Lithography is connected, the program illustrates that the Zeiss firm was among the charter firms proposed by SS General Scheid as a participatory element in the Bormann flight capital program. (Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile; by Paul Manning; copyright 1981; Lyle Stuart [hardcover]; ISBN 0-8184-0309-8; p. 25.)

12. When considering German corporations, it is important to remember that they are controlled by the Bormann Organization. This institution has perpetuated its power in an effective, clandestine, and deadly, Mafia-like fashion in the years since World War II. American corporations are driven by the profit motive, and coordinate policies on labor, environmental, marketing and taxation issues–they are otherwise relatively apolitical. In contrast, German corporations (under control of the Bormann group) function as coordinated elements of international economic and political control, not unlike the divisions in an army. Although they, too, strive to make money, profit is subordinate to the goal of national hegemony.

13. The Schott firm also has a history of working against American interests. The program excerpts Miscellaneous Archive Shows M-11 (originally recorded on 5/23/80.) Discussing the cartel arrangements which permitted Germany to restrict the production of strategic materials in other countries, M-11underscores the role of the Schott firm in such arrangements. (All Honorable Men; James Stewart Martin; copyright 1950 [hardcover]; Little, Brown & Company.)

14. Because of its role in arming Saddam Hussein, the Schott firm was also among the defendants in a class action lawsuit brought by veterans of the Persian Gulf War. (See also: FTR-87.) (The role of the Bormann group in arming Saddam Hussein is discussed in FTR#155.)

15. Next, the program highlights the fact that ASM has Intel as its largest customer. (“ASM Lithography Will Wait to Acquire Silicon Valley Group” by Glenn R. Simpson; Wall Street Journal; 1/9/2001; p. B7.)

16. The company will wait for approval from the U.S. government before completing the sale, having delayed the transaction until after George W. Bush takes office. (Idem.) It remains to be seen whether the Bush administration will approve the sale.

17. In the discussion of ASM Lithography, the broadcast highlights the fact that the company’s full name is “ASM Lithography Holding.” (Idem.)

18. Mr. Emory notes that holding companies have been one of the financial cloaking vehicles through which the aforementioned Bormann group has hidden its ownership of key companies around the world. (Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile; by Paul Manning; pp. 134-5.)

19. Silicon Valley Group has an interesting history as well. One of its founders, Carl Story, has become a key financial backer of the Aryan Nations. (“Computer Millionaires Fund Hate: Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and 11th Hour Remnant Messenger”; pp. 1-2; accessed from the ADL’s web site at www.adl.org/tycoons.)

20. It should be noted that SVG has disavowed Story’s beliefs. (Ibid.; pp. 4-5.)

21. One of the off-shoots of the Aryan Nations was the Nazi terrorist group the Order.

22. The broadcast points out that the group received funding from “German families living in South America.” (Unholy Alliance; by Peter Levenda; copyright 1995 [softcover]; Avon Books; p. 338.) Those “families” were, in all likelihood, the Bormann organization.

23. The broadcast asks (and juxtaposes) several pivotal questions. First, is ASM a Bormann company? Is (or was) SVG a Bormann company? Is the Bush administration (as seems probable) connected to the Bormann group? Could Eastlund’s tornado technology be married to the optical espionage technology of Tinsley laboratories to create weather weapons that could be used against the United States?

24. In that context, it is important to consider what the Nazi philosophy espoused by Story predicts. His publication, The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger forecasts the destruction of the United States as punishment for its racial and religious “heresy.” (“Computer Millionaires Fund Hate: Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and 11th Hour Remnant Messenger;” p. 6.)

25. The possibility that such an “Armageddon” could be manufactured using the Eastlund technology, guided by Tinsley equipment, is one to be considered. The possibility of the marriage of technology, fascism and religion to create a world-wide fascist theocracy is explored at length in L#2.)


14 comments for “FTR #272 ” . . .They Shall Reap the Whirlwind””

  1. “Climate change experts” — interesting concept. Despite the author’s horror of “conspiracy thinking at its worst,” the truth is that “climate change” (formerly known as “disruptive climate change,” “global warming,” and prior to that “global cooling”) is most probably the work of a conspiracy. I refer you to the excellent climate site http://wattsupwiththat.com/ for a scientifically based discussion of climate science, its uses and abuses.

    “Climate change” is almost certainly a propaganda smokescreen for weather modification projects being carried out by numerous governments, though to what end is unclear. If the hoax results in big trading profits for the investment banking bunch and tax revenues for foundering polities, so much the better.

    Posted by SnowballsChance | June 1, 2011, 4:20 am
  2. My mind is not set entirely on this but I would tend to agree with Snowballschance. Every time I hear about global warming, I can’t help but to feel something is bogus. But don’t get we wrong. I am not somewhat of a Koch brothers type to deny global warming because it hurts my investments in oil. I have none anyway. My point is, I don’t buy the explanation that we are sold. Are humans, just by CO2 and CO, capable of changing the weather of a whole planet? It seems a little extreme.

    Is this a coincidence if global warming has been “decorated” with carbon credits, which will soon become an important part of the economy? Who is benefiting from global warming? I agree that HAARP is not responsible for every tornado, earthquake, flood, etc. But it is conceivable that sometimes, it is. And is it conceivable that global warming is a convenient hoax, scam, front to cover for the fact that nations ARE conducting warfare through weather modifications and electro-magnetic waves?

    Of course HAARP has a large number of applications and the military ones are important. But because we are not specialists in arms and WMD, changes in weather patterns are easier to notice.

    Have a great day.

    Posted by Claude | June 1, 2011, 9:42 pm
  3. @Snowballschance:
    I guess you haven’t seen who’s been funding the climate change denial propaganda, then.

    Here, take a look at these articles, and try to tell me there isn’t some sort of pro-denial conspiracy:







    And there’s also a user on AboveTopSecret by the name of ‘TheSword’ who’s done his own research.

    I used to be a big-time AGW skeptic myself, until I started finding this out. It also has become more and more apparent that these same forces promoting climate denial have also been trying to repress clean energy; solar & hemp in particular.


    It is also becoming more & more apparent that ‘weather control'{Unfortunately, most of the weather control theories are pretty much bullshit, particularly the direct stuff, involving the steering of hurricanes, manipulating of Gulf moisture, and directly creating and manipulating tornadoes, etc., although a few indirect forms, like what cloud seeding does, certainly do seem to be plausible, however……} is also being used as a last-minute desperate effort to discredit legit climate change research.

    Posted by Steven | June 2, 2011, 1:35 am
  4. Also, as for weather manipulation, it should be pointed out that Eastlund & company did try to research the possibility of halting tornado formation using microwave power, which could actually make things worse under the right conditions, as seen here{I don’t think it’d fall outside the ‘indirect’ category, though. When I say direct, I mean truly hands on stuff, instead of just putting the energy somewhere and let nature take care of the rest}.

    And if the critics are correct{I would highly suspect they are.}, then why haven’t we seen hardly any plane crashes right after major severe weather events? Something to think about, IMHO, especially if another outbreak occurs and we DO see a sudden rash of plane accidents, either just before, during, or after said event.

    Posted by Steven | June 2, 2011, 1:41 am
  5. I will go further with my thoughts. What if, for example, global warming was a natural phenomenon? We know that, in the history of the Earth, there were ice ages and much warmer periods. What if the “solar year” is responsible for changes in temperatures? The precession of the Earth’s axis takes 26 000 years to complete. The axis takes that time to meet again a fixed point in space from where it departed. It is not farfetched to think that the Earth is experiencing “seasons” that last for millenia.

    Is pollution augmenting this phenomenon? Possibly. I might be wrong but I think that what we are witnessing is a combination of this natural phenomenon with weather modifications induced by electro-magnetic waves, for various purposes. The theory of global warming is convenient because the people have to believe what is said at face value, leave their critical thinking at the door…and carbon credits will be good for business.

    Question: do scientists have the data about temperatures going back to Antiquity? I don’t think so. They probably have only a few decades and that’s not enough to draw conclusions on the effect of pollution. The Earth exist since millions of years.

    Your thoughts? It’s a team work. Together, we have a chance to get closer to the truth.

    Posted by Claude | June 2, 2011, 10:31 pm
  6. @Steven:

    But BOTH sides are funded. The AGW cause is advanced by Wall Street, opposed by Big Oil. So what else is new? In a mature capitalist economy, the big boys play for big stakes, and the truth be damned.

    Funding may — or may not — influence the “science.” Not all scientists are corruptible. By the same token, not all are pure as the El Nino-driven snow, either.
    If I were a scientist with a strong opinion on AGW, pro or con, and was offered funding to advance my point of view, I’d take it; that doesn’t make me corrupt. If I then fudge the data to hide inconvenient truths, such as the Medieval Warming Period, that makes me corrupt.

    So we are left, as always, to trust our own judgment. In mine, AGW is highly unlikely. Consider: there’s no consistent linkage between CO2 levels and temp (CO2 levels have been many multiples higher than at present yet temps were only slightly higher than now; conversely, temps have been much higher than at present yet CO2 was not elevated). Consider: one volcanic eruption can influence weather globally for years; yet the cumulative effect of human emissions remains debatable: This tells me, humanity’s effect on weather must be much less than the volcano’s. Yet biological processes and the planet continue to thrive despite volcanoes and other natural sources of greenhouse gases. (If anything, the future looks colder, not warmer; we’re living at the end of an interglacial period.)

    As for the geo-engineering capabilities of HAARP, consider the math:


    Posted by Snowballschance | June 3, 2011, 4:40 am
  7. @Claude: The problem is, is that certain types of weather control theories are being used to try to discredit legitimate climate change research.

    I’m sorry, but as I said earlier, direct weather control, such as tornado causation, steering hurricanes, etc. is still absolutely inconceivable{probably always will be, too}, and like it or not, there’s too much evidence in favor of human influence of climate change NOT for it to be feasible, and too little evidence for direct weather control for it to even be remotely plausible{and no, Eastlund’s microwave research doesn’t count as direct, either}.

    We really do need to look at who benefits from climate denial and direct weather control bullshit{again, not referring to indirect manipulation like Eastlund’s microwave research, which isn’t actually so far-fetched}. And guess what? We find names like Koch, Exxon, B.P., etc.

    We also find that this also benefits those who would want to give a bad reputation to actual honest researchers out there{even some who may have bought into some of the B.S.}.

    In any case, guess who gets screwed over, Claude? WE DO.

    Posted by Steven | June 3, 2011, 7:04 am
  8. Definitely Dave, you have opened a Pandora’s box with that post. This discussion is memorable.

    Thank you Snowballschance, for providing that paper. It is so rare to have a scientific document with which we can form an educated opinion on hard science matters, such as electro-magnetic and other types of waves occuring in our environment. I will post it on my blog, this is too excellent.

    I agree that we have to be careful not to fall into the conspiracy theory booby trap, but we have to avoid the opposite mistake, i.e. dismissing the possibility of any artificial weather phenomena.

    In the end, I think that if we put together all the good points that we have covered here, we have made quite a good job.

    Thanks to all of you and thanks to you Dave for bringing out Pandora’s HAARP.

    Posted by Claude | June 3, 2011, 8:50 pm
  9. […] is a scientific paper that came up during a discussion about HAARP on the SpitfireList.com website. We were talking about the level of credibility that we should give to the hypothesis that […]

    Posted by Scientific paper on HAARP and ELF electromagnetic radiation | lys-dor.com | June 4, 2011, 7:46 pm
  10. @Claude: ”
    I agree that we have to be care ful not to fall into the con spir acy the ory booby trap, but we have to avoid the oppo site mis take, i.e. dis miss ing the pos si bil ity of any arti fi cial weather phenomena.”

    True, but we should also avoid falling into the trap of trying to find something which simply isn’t possible, because as I’ve said, certain things are being used to discredit real research.

    And, Claude, if you’d like proof that man-made influences on climate change are indeed real, then you’re in for a treat: A guy by the name of Peter Sinclair’s been doing some fantastic research on the subject for more than 30 years now. And here’s his YouTube channel:

    Nobody has ever said that nature was powerless, or that climate doesn’t change naturally. It does. But the evidence that human activities have not only influenced climate change in the past century or so, but have even started to cause some significant damage, is practically all but infinite at this point in time{after all, it’s not just air pollution; is it Nature who has been cutting down tropical rainforests? What the deniers won’t tell you is that that is a major part of our problem}.

    And yet, we find that the oil industry & certain other special interests are hard at work funding climate deniers to put out false and misleading B.S. And guess who else benefits, btw? None other than the Islamic fascists who’s profits and power almost exclusively derive from oil, as well as the Western oil barons!

    C’mon, you two. We’re supposed to be more knowledgeable than the Alex Jones crowd, but we can’t see thru the B.S.{including the crooks who invented the ‘Climategate’ so-called ‘scandal’} just yet?

    I used to be a CC denier, before learning about the Koch Bros. and all the other people behind the so-called ‘climate skepticism’ movement.

    Posted by Steven | June 5, 2011, 12:45 pm
  11. Here, I’ll even put up a few videos of Sinclair’s for you guys:

    The “Temp Leads Carbon” Crock: Updated


    What the Ice Cores Tell Us, and How Deniers Distort it:

    He also went after the globalist flunky{and a possible closeted fascist, as I’ve suspected for some time}Lord Monckton.


    “It’s so Cold, there can’t be Global Warming!”

    “In the 70s, They said there’d be an Ice Age”

    Birth of a Climate Crock:

    And here’s a good one-US Navy Chief Oceanographer: I Was Formerly a Climate Skeptic:

    Posted by Steven | June 5, 2011, 1:06 pm
  12. And Snowball, if there is an ice age………well, let’s just say that if HAARP truly can cause indirect weather manipulation, and I’m increasingly tempted to believe so, then that’ll be what causes such an occurrence, without a doubt, because the Underground Reich & the fellow elites might get desperate enough to try that at one point; the deniers are being slowly but surely debunked every week, month, and year that passes by. And to the Underground Reich, that spells DISASTER.

    And finally, yes, both sides have been corrupted, and sadly, the politics on the AGW side are complete B.S. as well. But at least the honest pro-AGW people{such as Mr. Sinclair here} do have plenty of quality research to back up their claims. The honest skeptics & the professional deniers? Not so much, even in the case of the former group.

    Posted by Steven | June 5, 2011, 1:13 pm
  13. And of course, what’s even more interesting is that one of the primary CC denial pushers, the ‘Heartland Institute’, also seems to have had a history of defending the tobacco industry.


    Posted by Steven | June 5, 2011, 2:06 pm
  14. Hello my friends,

    I was listening again to the broadcast and I couldn’t help to remember a small detail that is on my mind for some time. If you think I am a conspiracy cook, don’t hesitate to say so. For myself, I would prefer that this lead of investigation is bullshit: I don’t like the perspectives it opens. However, I have restrained myself to share this thought but now, mostly considering the 11th Hour theology of Story and Bertollini, I think it is relevant.

    I am a great admirer of professor Begich. I think he is just amazing. He has a website called “Earth Pulse” dedicated to HAARP and electromagnetic technology. Up to that, no problem. But when I was browsing on the site, I saw the contact information…

    The last four digits of the phone number is…9111! Like in 9/11/01. Don’t you find it strange? Considering Story and Bertollini’s theology and the rest of the connections anyway, is it farfetched to envision that electromagnetic weapons could have been used to redirect the planes on 9/11 to hit the twin towers? Is it reasonable to think that the “hijackers” could only have been accessory?

    If you think it is “conspiracy theory at its worst”, please tell me, I will accept your call. And Dave, if you think it is pure non-sense, just don’t publish it. I won’t mind.

    Have a great day brilliant ones.

    Posted by Claude | June 8, 2011, 10:59 am

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