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FTR #272 ” . . .They Shall Reap the Whirlwind”

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NB: This RealAudio stream contains FTRs 271 and 272 in sequence. Each is a 30-minute broadcast.

Recorded on 1/26/2001
Introduction: During Jimmy Carter’s administration, a treaty was ratified by the U.S. and former U.S.S.R. banning the manipulation of environmental disasters [3] for military purposes. Covering earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and other weather events, the agreement was realized in order to prevent the development and use of a truly insidious generation of WMD’s. In interviews with Dr. Nick Begich [4], co-author (with Jeanne Manning) of Angels Don’t Play this HAARP, we analyzed Project HAARP, the patents for which specifically refer to applications altering the weather for military purposes [5].

In this program, we examine the possibility of another application of weather modification technology with potential military applications. A project funded by the European Space Agency and parented by a “Ben” Eastlund utilizes micowave beam technology to neutralize tornadoes. (The description of Eastlund as a former Star Wars scientist suggest strongly that he is the Bernard Eastlund who developed HAARP, which also has potential missile defense applications.) In addition to the fact that tornadoes are a very rare occurrence in Europe, they had previously been known to kill an average of 100 Americans a year–a relatively low casualty rate that has moved critics to suggest that it wouldn’t be worth the expense of development.

One wonders why this project would have been of interest to the European Space Agency or Europeans in general.

Feared to carry the potential to make tornadoes worse, the technology might very well have potential military applications.

In the wake of a devastating tornado season in the United States, it might be worthwhile to inquire as to whether such technology may in fact have been developed and utilized. Note that, in addition to the initial devastation and loss of life inflicted by these devastating storms, the federal funds for aid and reconstruction place further strain on the U.S. budget at a time when the national debt and deficits are at the forefron of political debate in the United States and elsewhere.

An enemy of the U.S. could inflict both loss of life, property damage and fiscal destruction on the United States through the application of such technology.

(Note that it is more than thirty years since the environmental treaty was concluded. Just consider the advancement of military technology in the thirty year period from 1918–the end of World War I–and 1948, when the atomic bomb, jet bombers designed to deliver that weapon and long range balistic missiles were developed and/or in and advanced state of R & D. It would be unwise to assume that similar advancements in military technology have not taken place in the last thirty years.)

It is also important to remember that earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and similar catastrophes are natural phenomena that have always existed. Climate change experts are of the belief that the destructive effects of global warming are already being manifested, suggesting that the severe tornado season may result (in part at least) from CO2 levels in the atmosphere. When an environmental catastrophe does occur, it would be foolish to fall into the trap of automatically concluding that “Oh my God! It must the Project HAARP! [Controlled by “The Illuminati”, no doubt.]

Such thinking and action exhibits “conspiracy theory at its worst,” and plays in to the hand of cynical critics, in addition to obscuring real, substantive inquiries into the possible military application of environmental modification technologies.

1. Past broadcasts have explored the use of environmental modification for military purposes. Those programs are the foundation for this broadcast. The title is a Biblical reference (Hosea, 8:7), and refers to those who “. . . sow the wind” as being doomed to “. . .reap the whirlwind.”

2. Ben Eastlund, described as “a former Star Wars defense program scientist,” has proposed using an orbital, space-based microwave beam to neutralize tornadoes. (“Could Tornadoes Be Prevented?” by Jerry Bowen; CBS News Online; 1/16/2001, www.cbsnews.com/now/story. [6])

3. Eastlund appears to be the “Bernard” Eastlund who developed the HAARP system, described in the broadcasts enumerated above. The alteration of the weather for military purposes, and the destruction of incoming enemy missiles are among the stated applications of the HAARP system patents. (The destruction of enemy missiles would, obviously, be a “Star Wars” application.)

4. Critics of Eastlund’s proposal believe that his “tornado prevention” system could, in practice, make tornadoes worse and/or kill birds or knock down airplanes. (Idem.)

5. Mr. Emory discusses the possibility that the same technology could be used to cause tornadoes. In that context, it should be noted that Eastlund’s research has been funded by the European Space Agency. (Idem.)

6. It should be noted that Europe rarely has tornadoes and only 100 Americans a year are killed by these storms. (One wonders why the European Space Agency would fund such research.) The proposed tornado targeting system would require “precision targeting” systems. (Idem.)

7. Next, the program examines the proposed sale of a key Silicon Valley firm to a Dutch holding company, ASM Lithography. (“Spy Tech: The U.S. Edge” by Alan Tonelson; San Jose Mercury News; 1/9/2001; p. B7.)

8. Silicon Valley Group Inc. has Tinsley Laboratories as a subsidiary. (Idem.)

9. The latter “has been the sole manufacturer of many of the state-of-the-art mirrors and lenses in the high-powered cameras carried by America’s spy satellites-systems that the Clinton administration has called ‘among the most valuable national security assets.'” (Idem.)

10. Mr. Tonelson worried “that ASM’s far-flung global operations and corporate alliances with companies like Germany’s Carl Zeiss and Schott Glass could make it more difficult to keep SVG/Tinsley’s advanced optics and lithography capabilities from migrating to unfriendly countries.” (Idem.)

11. By way of emphasizing the history of the firms to which ASM Lithography is connected, the program illustrates that the Zeiss firm was among the charter firms proposed by SS General Scheid as a participatory element in the Bormann flight capital program. (Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile; by Paul Manning; copyright 1981; Lyle Stuart [hardcover]; ISBN 0-8184-0309-8; p. 25.)

12. When considering German corporations, it is important to remember that they are controlled by the Bormann Organization. This institution has perpetuated its power in an effective, clandestine, and deadly, Mafia-like fashion in the years since World War II. American corporations are driven by the profit motive, and coordinate policies on labor, environmental, marketing and taxation issues–they are otherwise relatively apolitical. In contrast, German corporations (under control of the Bormann group) function as coordinated elements of international economic and political control, not unlike the divisions in an army. Although they, too, strive to make money, profit is subordinate to the goal of national hegemony.

13. The Schott firm also has a history of working against American interests. The program excerpts Miscellaneous Archive Shows M-11 (originally recorded on 5/23/80.) Discussing the cartel arrangements which permitted Germany to restrict the production of strategic materials in other countries, M-11underscores the role of the Schott firm in such arrangements. (All Honorable Men; James Stewart Martin; copyright 1950 [hardcover]; Little, Brown & Company.)

14. Because of its role in arming Saddam Hussein, the Schott firm was also among the defendants in a class action lawsuit brought by veterans of the Persian Gulf War. (See also: FTR-87.) (The role of the Bormann group in arming Saddam Hussein is discussed in FTR#155.)

15. Next, the program highlights the fact that ASM has Intel as its largest customer. (“ASM Lithography Will Wait to Acquire Silicon Valley Group” by Glenn R. Simpson; Wall Street Journal; 1/9/2001; p. B7.)

16. The company will wait for approval from the U.S. government before completing the sale, having delayed the transaction until after George W. Bush takes office. (Idem.) It remains to be seen whether the Bush administration will approve the sale.

17. In the discussion of ASM Lithography, the broadcast highlights the fact that the company’s full name is “ASM Lithography Holding.” (Idem.)

18. Mr. Emory notes that holding companies have been one of the financial cloaking vehicles through which the aforementioned Bormann group has hidden its ownership of key companies around the world. (Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile; by Paul Manning; pp. 134-5.)

19. Silicon Valley Group has an interesting history as well. One of its founders, Carl Story, has become a key financial backer of the Aryan Nations. (“Computer Millionaires Fund Hate: Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and 11th Hour Remnant Messenger”; pp. 1-2; accessed from the ADL’s web site at www.adl.org/tycoons.)

20. It should be noted that SVG has disavowed Story’s beliefs. (Ibid.; pp. 4-5.)

21. One of the off-shoots of the Aryan Nations was the Nazi terrorist group the Order.

22. The broadcast points out that the group received funding from “German families living in South America.” (Unholy Alliance; by Peter Levenda; copyright 1995 [softcover]; Avon Books; p. 338.) Those “families” were, in all likelihood, the Bormann organization.

23. The broadcast asks (and juxtaposes) several pivotal questions. First, is ASM a Bormann company? Is (or was) SVG a Bormann company? Is the Bush administration (as seems probable) connected to the Bormann group? Could Eastlund’s tornado technology be married to the optical espionage technology of Tinsley laboratories to create weather weapons that could be used against the United States?

24. In that context, it is important to consider what the Nazi philosophy espoused by Story predicts. His publication, The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger forecasts the destruction of the United States as punishment for its racial and religious “heresy.” (“Computer Millionaires Fund Hate: Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and 11th Hour Remnant Messenger;” p. 6.)

25. The possibility that such an “Armageddon” could be manufactured using the Eastlund technology, guided by Tinsley equipment, is one to be considered. The possibility of the marriage of technology, fascism and religion to create a world-wide fascist theocracy is explored at length in L#2.)