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FTR #29 Interview with John Loftus

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Former Army officer and Justice Department investigator John Loftus (along with co-author Mark Aarons) wrote the book The Secret War Against the Jews (St. Martin’s Press, copyright 1994), one of the best books ever written about the intelligence community. The book focuses largely on the intelligence community’s relationship with the petroleum industry and international fascism. The program presents an analysis of the central points of the book including: the massive, treasonous collaboration between American industrialists and financiers (petroleum industry magnates, in particular) and the Axis powers, before and during World War II; the role of these same elements in the recycling of the profits reaped by the Nazis back into the hands of the people who had committed the Third Reich’s crimes; Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ill-fated attempt to try (at Nuremberg) the American and British industrialists who had backed Hitler; Zionists’ successful use of Nelson Rockefeller’s treasonous, wartime collaboration with the Third Reich to pressure him (under threat of disclosure) into throwing decisive support to the creation of the state of Israel; the collaboration of George Bush’s family with the Third Reich; the role of Richard Nixon, Allen Dulles, Ronald Reagan and William Casey in the Crusade For Freedom (an illegal domestic intelligence operation, in which Nazi collaborators and war criminals were imported into the United States for political purposes); the U.S.S. Liberty’s role in relaying electronic intelligence concerning Israeli military operations to Egypt during the 1967 Six Day War and Israel’s discovery of this (which led to their attack on the Liberty); Richard Nixon’s role in coalescing the Nazi collaborators brought into the U.S. under the Crusade For Freedom into a formal wing of the Republican party; the petroleum industry’s deliberate creation of the “oil shortage” of 1979 in order to destabilize Jimmy Carter and pave the way for the massive military buildup that took place under Ronald Reagan; the Reagan and Bush administration’s use of Monzer Al-Kassar as the central figure in the Iran-Contra operation (Al-Kassar is one of the world’s leading terrorists and arms dealers and is credited by the DEA with importing 20% of the heroin consumed in the United States); George Bush’s creation of his own private intelligence network and the use of this “government within a government” to effect the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate weapons transfers; and the petroleum industry’s deliberate luring of Saddam Hussein into Kuwait to precipitate the Persian Gulf War. (Recorded in June of 1995.)


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