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FTR #3 Update on the P-2 Lodge

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This broadcast updates some of the numerous scandals surrounding the P-2 Lodge in Italy, discussed in numerous previous programs. The P-2 Lodge was a Masonic lodge comprised of powerful Italian political leaders, military officers, intelligence officials, business personages, journalists and Mafiosi. Headed and founded by Licio Gelli (a former Mussolini supporter and Waffen SS officer), the Lodge served as a crypto-fascist government that virtually ran Italy in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. It had branches in other countries as well. This segment focuses primarily on the P-2’s role in some of the scandals surrounding the Vatican Bank and the death of P-2 member and banker Roberto Calvi, as well as the Lodge’s collaboration with elements of U.S. intelligence, NATO and Italian fascists in the propagation of terrorist acts. (Recorded in August of 1996.)


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