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FTR #31 Kamel Hussein and Iraqgate

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For all the discussion that took place before, during and after the Persian Gulf War, comparatively little attention has been paid to the well-documented fact that Western nations, including and especially the United States, had much to do with arming Sadam Hussein. These segments focus on the role of Kamel Hussein, Sadam’s son-in-law, in the acquisition of Iraq’s arsenal. Kamel later defected to the West in late 1995—only to return to Iraq and be executed as a traitor some months later. Kamel Hussein was the point man in obtaining much of Iraq’s weaponry from the United States and Britain. The broadcast draws on the landmark work of Financial Times of London correspondent Alan Friedman’s book Spider’s Web:The Secret History of how the White House Illegally Armed Iraq (hardcover, Bantam, 1993.) The segments draw on Friedman’s documentation of Kamel Hussein’s work with various elements of U.S. intelligence, in order to obtain weaponry necesary to arm of Iraq for its conflict with Iran during the 1980’s. Particular attention is paid to the American role in assisting Kamel’s acquisition of technology essential for Sadam’s nuclear, chemical and biological and missile delivery systems. (Recorded in the fall of 1995.)


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