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FTR #310 Bush League: Associates and Actions of the Georges Bush, Part 1

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1. George W. Bush recently appointed Elliot Abrams to the National Security Council. Abrams was one of the convicted Iran-Contra conspirators pardoned by his father shortly before leaving office. (“Iran-Contra Figure Back at White House”; New York Times; 6/30/2001; p. A4.)

2. Bush also recently selected Robert Mueller, a member of his father’s Justice Department, to be FBI director. (“S.F. Prosecutor Mueller Picked to Lead FBI, Mend Its Image” by Zachary Coile and Bob Egelko; San Francisco Chronicle; 7/6/2001; pp. A1-A12.)

President Bush tapped Robert S. Mueller III, the U.S. attorney in San Francisco, as the new director of the FBI yesterday, seeking a no-nonsense manager to repair the image of an agency accused of botching several recent high-profile cases.

Mueller, a 56-year-old veteran federal prosecutor who helped put Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega behind bars, was nominated to succeed Louis Freeh. Freeh, who led the department through eight turbulent years under President Bill Clinton, retired last month.

Mueller was picked for the 10-year FBI director’s term after proving himself as acting deputy attorney general during Bush’s presidential transition. His nomination requires Senate confirmation.

3. In his work for the Bush Justice Department, Mueller was less than vigorous in his role overseeing the prosecution of General Noriega of Panama and the BCCI case. (“In the Running for FBI Director” by Stacy Finz; San Francisco Chronicle; 7/1/2001; pp. A1-A6.) Both the BCCI case and the Noriega case overlap the Iran-Contra investigation and the elder Bush was principally involved in the Iran-Contra imbroglio. Full disclosure concerning the BCCI case could lead to investigation of James R. Bath, the Texas business representative of the Bin Laden family and one of the financiers of George W.’s first oil venture. Bin Laden’s forces have formally taken credit for bombing the U.S.S. Cole during the campaign. (“Islamic Militants Brag They Bombed Warship Cole” by Diana Elias [AP]; San Francisco Chronicle; 6/20/2001; p. A8.) It is believable that the Cole bombing was executed for the benefit of the Bush campaign.

4. In that context, the broadcast suggests the possibility that some of the difficulties that the FBI (among other institutions) has encountered in connection with the Cole bombing may result from obstruction by the Bush camp. (“U.S. Faces Hurdles in Approach to USS Cole Probe” by David S. Cloud and Neil King, Jr.; Wall Street Journal; 7/6/2001; p. A10.)

5. Next, the program examines the pro-Bush stance of Fox News, run by George Sr.’s associate Roger Ailes. (“Good Guys on Cable TV” by William German; San Francisco Chronicle; 7/6/2001; p. A25.)

6. That network led the media rush to call Florida as a Bush win, and the Fox political desk was headed by Bush’s cousin, John Ellis.

7. The program highlights the bizarre, cult-like initiation ceremony of the elite Skull and Bones society, to which both Georges belonged. (“At Skull and Bones, Bush’s Secret Club Initiates Ream Gore” by Ron Rosenbaum; New York Observer; 4/19/2001; pp. 11-17.)

8. The broadcast highlights the recent extradition of a collaborator of Enrique Fuentes Leon, a drug-dealing political ally of George W. Bush. (“U.S. Returns an Ex-Judge to Mexico” by Tim Weiner; New York Times; 6/22/2001; p. A3.)

9. Leon had bribed Ernesto Diaz on behalf of a wealthy Acapulco playboy who had raped, tortured and kidnapped a 6-year-old girl. (“Los Amigos de Bush” by Julie Reynolds; El Andar; Fall, 2000; Vol. 11, #3; p.23;

10. Narco-attorney and Bush ally Roy Barrera, Jr. represented Harry Blackthorne, a Texas multi-millionaire whose ex-wife was stabbed to death in front of her toddler quadruplets. The hit man fled to Mexico and was represented by Enrique Fuentes Leon. (Ibid.; p. 27.)


3 comments for “FTR #310 Bush League: Associates and Actions of the Georges Bush, Part 1”

  1. Ringers always love fellow ringers. With the appointment of Robert Swan Mueller as special
    counsel to lead the Russia-Trump investigation for the justice department there’s a sudden
    sigh of bi-partisan relief.

    “It’s a surprisingly good choice” said Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris. “I believe him to be a
    consummate professional.”
    Like Mueller, Harris knows a lot about “consummate” cover-ups. As California AG she
    recommended denial of parole for RFK assassination patsy Sirhan Sirhan, even though
    ballistic analysis provided by defence lawyer/author Willam Pepper pointed to fraudulent
    prosecution and framing of his client.

    Mueller, considered a mentor to fired FBI director James Comey, comes by his Deep State
    (and possibly Bormann) credentials through a “consummate” lineage. He is the grand-
    nephew of former CIA deputy director Richard Bissell. Wife Ann Cabell Standish is the
    granddaughter of former CIA deputy director General Charles Cabell. (Charles’ brother
    Earl was the mayor of Dallas on Nov 22 1963). JFK fired both men, along with director
    Allen Dulles following the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

    I’m reminded of the film Chinatown when the Jack Nicholson character JJ Gittes, speaking
    of heavy Claude Mulvahill, says “when he was sheriff of Ventura County the rum runners
    landed hundreds of tons of booze on the beach and never spilled a drop. He oughta be
    able to hold onto your water for ya.”

    If not Robert Swan Mueller can always carry the water.

    Posted by Dennis | May 21, 2017, 2:22 pm
  2. While still maintaining Robert Mueller is the grand-nephew of Richard Bissell (through
    marriage) I’m no longer confident that his wife Ann Cabell Standish is the grand-daughter
    of General Charles Cabell. Cabell had seven grandchildren but I have no definitive proof
    Ann is one of them.

    Apologies if I misled anyone. However I believe the thrust of my contention regarding
    continuous deep political events such as assassinations, special counsels and coverup by
    committee is true and accurate. These deep events represent the intersection of both
    elected and unelected, private and public, criminal and legitimate relationships and

    Posted by Dennis | May 22, 2017, 6:19 pm
  3. @Dennis–

    Robert Mueller’s mother was named Alice Truesdale.

    Her Father was Melville Douglas Truesdale.

    His Sister was Marie Truesdale. (Aunt of Alice.)

    Marie Truesdale married Richard M. Bissell Sr. (Uncle of Alice)

    Their son was Richard M. Bissell Jr. (First Cousin of Alice)

    Robert Mueller, son of Alice, is therefore the second cousin of the Richard Bissell Jr.

    Posted by RKW | December 16, 2018, 11:39 pm

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