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FTR #311 Bush League, Part II – More about the Associations and Actions of the Georges Bush

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1. The program begins with discussion of the “energy crisis” in California. There is significant evidence that this “crisis” was exacerbated (if not caused) by the very energy interests that George Bush serves. (“Turning California On” by Paul Krugman; New York Times; 6/27/2001; p. A25.)

2. Bush’s Secretary of the Army, Thomas White Jr., served with one of the most important of the energy firms that Bush is beholden to, Enron. (“Army Boss Thomas White Jr. Vows No Conflict in Ties with Enron” by Esther Schrader; Los Angeles Times; 6/20/2001; p. A6.)

3. Enron is among the bidders to handle energy generation on key military bases. (Idem.)

4. One of the most formidable members of the Bush White House is Karl Rove [2], a cunning, Machiavellian operative viewed as the “dirty tricks specialist” of the Bush camp. A significant investor in the aforementioned Enron, Rove has recently come under scrutiny for possible conflict of interest. (“White House Sees No Conflict in Aide’s Role” [AP]; New York Times; 6/30/2001; p. A11.)

5. Interestingly, and possibly significantly, Rove was deeply involved in the Bush administration’s effort on behalf of ASM Lithography Holding [3]‘s attempt to purchase Silicon Valley Group. (“Rove’s Intel Meeting Didn’t Affect Ruling, White House Says”; Wall Street Journal; 6/14/2001; p. A4.)

6. Initially, the Pentagon blocked this deal. (“Pentagon Blocks Silicon Valley Deal” by Peter Siegel; Financial Times; 4/25/2001; p. 1.)

7. Eventually, pressure from Bush, Rove and company overcame the Pentagon’s opposition to the deal. (“Dutch Takeover of Silicon Valley Group is Approved” by Edward Alden and Gordon Cramb; Financial Times; 5/4/2001; p. 1.) With SVG [4]‘s importance to American surveillance satellites, this deal may seriously compromise American national security. It is worth noting that Europe has lagged behind the United States in space surveillance, a shortcoming that may well be overcome by ASM’s purchase of SVG to the eventual detriment of this country.