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FTR #314 Update on European Union and the European Monetary Union

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NB: This RealAudio stream contains both FTRs 314 and 315 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute segment.

Highlighting the EU and EMU in the context of an imperial pan-Germanism, this program presents some important information supplementing past broadcasts on the subject.

1. Mysterious Canadian-German businessman Bernhard Schreiber is the subject of a new book, detailing his role in the sale of Airbus jets to Air Canada. (“New Book Looks Deep Into ‘Airbus’ Affair;” 4/9/2001.)

2. An extreme right-winger, who has been compared to P-2 Lodge Grand Master Licio Gelli, Schreiber maintains that his revelations could threaten the Canadian political establishment. (Idem.)

3. Circumstances suggest that Schreiber may very well be associated with the Bormann organization. The economic and political component of a Third Reich gone underground, the Bormann organization controls corporate Germany and much of the rest of the world. (It was created and run by Martin Bormann, the organizational genius who was the “the power behind the throne” in Nazi Germany.)

4. Schreiber is a primary player in the CDU funding scandal that already threatens major political interests in both Germany and France.

5. The CDU funding scandal, in turn, has serious implications for the German-dominated EU.

6. Next, the program details a German-brokered proposal to establish a federal governmental structure for the EU, something viewed with considerable alarm in France and the United Kingdom. (“Alarm at Superstate Plan” by John Hooper and Patrick Wintour; The Guardian; 4/30/2001.)

7. The broadcast discusses acquiescence on the part of a number of EU countries concerning key points of EU governance. Spain was among the countries electing to conform to the German political will on significant points. (“Spain Backs Down to Germany over Aid” by Leslie Crawford and Haig Simonian; Financial Times: 5/30/2001; p.2.)

8. France acceded to key German demands as well. (“Paris and Berlin Agree on New EU Members” by Robert Graham and Haig Simonian; Financial Times: 6/13/2001; p.2)

9. Ultimately, the EU voted in conjunction with the essence of German demands, although some German proposals were resisted. (“European Union in Pledge on Enlargement” by Peter Norman; Financial Times: 6/18/2001; p.1.)

10. In a move many have seen as indicating a return to its imperial past, Germany has been moving toward reclaiming the former East Prussian city of Kaliningrad (now, part of Russia.) (“Germany in Secret Talks with Russia to Take Back Konigsberg;” Daily Telegraph; 1/21/2001.)


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