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FTR #325 The Past Is Prologue

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The first program recorded after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, FTR-325 reprises sections of two programs recorded in July of 2001. Mr. Emory suggests that the events delineated in the two programs might be seen as foreshadowing the attacks.

1. The first half of the broadcast consists largely of an excerpt of FTR-310. In July, Bush selected Robert Mueller, a member of his father’s Justice Department, to be FBI director. (“S.F. Prosecutor Mueller Picked to Lead FBI, Mend Its Image” by Zachary Coile and Bob Egelko; San Francisco Chronicle; 7/6/2001; pp. A1-A12.)

2. In his work for the Bush Justice Department, Mueller was less than vigorous in his role overseeing the prosecution of General Noriega of Panama, the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 and the BCCI case. (“In the Running for FBI Director” by Stacy Finz; San Francisco Chronicle; 7/1/2001; pp. A1-A6.) All three of those investigations overlap the Iran-Contra investigation and the elder Bush was principally involved in that imbroglio. Full disclosure concerning the BCCI case could lead to investigation of James R. Bath, the North American business representative of the Bin Laden family and one of the financiers of George W.’s first oil venture. (See Bush-Bin Laden connections.)

3. Bin Laden’s forces have formally taken credit for bombing the U.S.S. Cole during the campaign. (“Islamic Militants Brag They Bombed Warship Cole” by Diana Elias [AP]; San Francisco Chronicle; 6/20/2001; p. A8.) Mr. Emory has speculated that the Cole bombing may have been executed for the benefit of the Bush campaign. (See also: FTR-256, Lectures 9, 10.)

4. In that context, the broadcast suggests the possibility that some of the difficulties that the FBI (among other institutions) has encountered in connection with the Cole bombing may result from obstruction by the Bush camp. (“U.S. Faces Hurdles in Approach to USS Cole Probe” by David S. Cloud and Neil King, Jr.; Wall Street Journal; 7/6/2001; p. A10.) The late John O’Neill (heading the Bin Laden investigation for the Bureau) was the focal point of apparent counterintelligence activity during the summer of 2000. In August of 2001, O’Neill was appointed director of security for the World Trade Center and he was killed in the attack of September 11. It is Mr. Emory’s opinion that O’Neill was “doubled on” and (probably) deliberately eliminated by a fascist fifth column within this country’s political and national security establishments.

5. This fifth column, Mr. Emory believes, works for the Bormann organization. The economic and political component of a Third Reich gone underground, the Bormann organization controls corporate Germany and much of the rest of the world. Created and run by Martin Bormann, the organizational genius who was the “the power behind the throne” in Nazi Germany, the Bormann group is a primary element of the analysis presented in the For the Record programs.

Those behind the attack of 9/11 include this Bormann fifth column, the forces grouped around the Bush political camp as well as some of the Islamic extremist forces that constituted the tactical arm of the operation. This admittedly complicated hypothesis is detailed in greater length in an ongoing series of programs about 9/11.

6. The major focal point of the first side of FTR-325 concerns the possibility that the appointment of Mueller as head of the FBI may have been in anticipation of the attacks. Mr. Emory believes that it may have been necessary to maneuver a Bush (Senior) insider into position at the FBI, in order to assure operational security and to have someone who would not investigate the Bush/Bin Laden business connections. (These connections are developed further in FTR-329.)

7. The second side of the broadcast consists largely of an excerpt of FTR-315. This program excerpt highlights the death of the author of a book that alleges that, among other things, George W. Bush had business connections with the family of Osama Bin Laden. (“Arkansas: Author of Book Dies” [AP]; New York Times; 7/21/2001; p. A10.)

8. J.H. Hatfield, the author of Fortunate Son: The Making of an American President, died from what police reported as an apparent drug overdose. (Idem.) Mr. Emory speculates that Hatfield may have been eliminated in order to further obscure the Bush/Bin Laden connection, perhaps in anticipation of the 9/11 incident.

9. The program then excerpts FTR-277, discussing the evidentiary tributaries connecting Bush Sr., Bush Jr., elements of the CIA, the Iran Contra scandal, the oil business and the family of Osama Bin Laden. The discussion reviews the links between alleged CIA operative James R. Bath, BCCI and Arbusto Energy, George W’s first oil company. (Fortunate Son; J.H. Hatfield; St. Martin’s Press; copyright 2000 [HC].) (The Outlaw Bank; Jonathan Beatty and S.C. Gwynne; copyright 1993; Ramjack [published in the United States by Random House].)

10. Next, the broadcast reviews the close connection between the Bin Laden family and King Ibn Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia. (“Millionaire, Terrorist, Fugitive” by Robin Allen; Financial Times; 4/14-4/15200; p.10.)

11. Ibn Saud, in turn, was close to the Third Reich. (The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage betrayed the Jewish People; Copyright 1994 [HC]; St. Martin’s Press; ISBN0-312-11057-x; p, 21.) (See also: FTR #’s 29, 216.)

12. Ibn Saud was also close to Allen Dulles, who in turn was deeply involved with Third Reich industry and finance. (Idem.) (See also: RFA #’s 1, 2, 10, Miscellaneous Archive Show M-11, FTR #’s 29, 114, 121, 186, 248.) Dulles was also heavily involved with the Bush family’s Third Reich companies.

13. Next, the program reprises information presented in FTR-308. The U.S. recently donated $43 million to the Taliban (who are sheltering Osama Bin Laden, wanted by the United States for, among other things, bombing the destroyer U.S.S. Cole during the height of the 2000 presidential campaign.) (“Bush’s Faustian deal with the Taliban” by Robert Scheer; Los Angeles Times; 5/22/2001; p. A15.) Now, of course, Bin Laden is the chief suspect in the attacks of September 11. (Recorded on 9/16/2001.)


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  1. Looking back on it, Dave…..had I been a listener back then, I probably would’ve been able to figure out that something terrible was about to happen……..

    Why couldn’t there be more researchers like yourself? =)

    Posted by Steven | September 13, 2011, 8:47 am
  2. […] and investigation. That’s why I want to draw your attention now on Dave Emory’s FTR #325. In doing so, it will allow me to continue from where I had left in part I. In that show, Emory […]

    Posted by The controlled demolition of America on 9/11, part II: Richard Clarke’s allegations and the Underground Reich | lys-dor.com | September 18, 2011, 8:06 pm
  3. With the re-emergence of Robert Mueller on center stage, this program – *recorded nearly 16 years ago* – is essential yet again.

    Posted by Sampson | May 24, 2017, 4:41 am

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