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FTR #326 Our Mothers Shall But Laugh to See Their Babes Halved Before Their Eyes

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Taken from Mark Antony’s eulogy over Caesar’s body in Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the title is a self-evident reference to the subject of the broadcast-the terrorist blitzkrieg of September 11, 2001. This program, like FTR 325, was recorded on 9/16/2001.

1. The discussion begins with intelligence analysts’ concerns that the attack betokens a breakdown of intelligence functions by the United States.  (“Spying Failure Worries Experts” by Earl Lane [Newsday]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/13/2001; p. 10A.) As mentioned in the description for FTR-325, Mr. Emory feels that, in fact, the intelligence shortcomings were due (in part, at least) to deliberate subversion by a fascist fifth column within the U.S. intelligence system.  As will be seen in later broadcasts, this fifth column is associated with what Mr. Emory calls the “Underground Reich.”

2. Next, the program highlights apparent connections between the September 11 attack and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in October of 2000. (“Hijackers Linked to Cole Attack” by Stacy Finz and Carla Marinucci; San Francisco Chronicle; 9/16/2001; pp. A1-A14.)

3. Continuing with analysis of the Cole bombing and evidentiary tributaries running between the Cole attack and the September 11 assault, the program excerpts FTR 322.  That program highlighted the theft of a briefcase containing top-secret documents about counterintelligence operations in New York. (“FBI Terror Expert Lost Track of Top-Secret Plans” by David Johnston [New York Times]; San Francisco Chronicle; 8/9/2001; p. A8.)  The FBI expert in question, the late John O’Neill, was in charge of the Bin Laden investigation for the FBI.  The broadcast delineates a disturbing aspect of the documents stolen from O’Neill in the summer of 2000.

“Officials identified one document in the briefcase as a draft of the annual field office report for national security operations in New York. The closely guarded report contained a description of every counterespionage and counterterrorism program in New York and detailed the manpower for each operation.”


4. In August, O’Neill left the bureau to become director of security for the World Trade Center.  (“Bin Laden’s Organization Highly Organized, Coherent” by Judith Miller, Benjamin Weiser and Ralph Blumenthal [New York Times]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/16/2001; p. 8A.)  O’Neill was killed in the 9/11 attack.  (Idem.)

5. Next, the program highlights the allegation that there may be a terrorist mole in the White House, FBI, or CIA who provided specific information to the attackers.  (“Air Force One Is Next” by William Safire [New York Times]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/14/2001; p. 11B.)  There is a distinct possibility that Bush aide Karl Rove (who repeated the allegation for Mr. Safire) may be that mole.

6. The broadcast then reprises an excerpt from FTR 319, detailing Rove’s role in setting up the late J.H. Hatfield (and by extension, Hatfield’s discussion of the Bush/Bin Laden family business connections) for discreditation.  (“How Karl Rove Tricked the Media into Trashing the Messenger while Ignoring the Message” by Sander Hicks; Online Journal; 5/23/2001; pp. 3-4.)

7. The first side of the program concludes with analysis of one of many warnings that U.S. intelligence received prior to 9/11 concerning the possibility of a terrorist attack by the Bin Laden forces.  (“State Department Memo Warned of Terrorist Threat” by Philip Matier and Andrew Ross; San Francisco Chronicle; 9/14/2001; p. A13.)

8. The second half of the broadcast begins with a look at some of the German connections to the 9/11 attack.  Not only was Germany an apparent epicenter for the operational elements involved in the attack, but that country has a history of complicity in terrorist attacks against the United States. The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 is one of the terrorist attacks with strong evidentiary tributaries running through, or in the direction of, Germany. (“German Officials Link 3 Arab Men to Attack” by Steven Erlanger; New York Times; 9/14/2001; p. A5.)  As discussed in RFA-35, German police and intelligence officials released Marwan Khreesat, a German intelligence informant linked to the operational cell that apparently executed the bombing. It should be noted that the newly-appointed FBI director was less than vigorous in his investigation of Pan Am 103, helping to obscure the links between that incident, the Iran-Contra scandal and the elder George Bush.  It has been speculated that the appointment of Bush insider Mueller to head the Bureau may have been in anticipation of the 9/11 attack.

9. Two of the principal suspects had enrolled in the same technical school in Hamburg.  (“Search Extends to Germany” by Daniel Rubin; San Jose Mercury News; 9/14/2001; p. 17A.)

10. In addition to Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehi, suspect hijacker Ziad Jarrahi networked with suspected Bin Laden forces in Germany. (“Hijackers’Activities in Germany Tracked” by Daniel Rubin Toni Heinzl; San Jose Mercury News; 9/16/2001; p. 9A.)

11. Atta and another hijacker learned to fly at Rudy Dekkers’ Huffman aviation, a German-run flight school in Florida. (“Hijackers Linked to Bin Laden” by James Risen and David Johnston [New York Times]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/13/2001; p. 20A.)  It seems that the Germany-to-Florida transit for the men may constitute a possible BND connection.

12. Not surprisingly, the elder George Bush blamed the intelligence failures on Bill Clinton. (“Clinton-Era Rule Hurt Recruitment by CIA, Some Say” by Michael Kilian [Chicago Tribune]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/16/2001; p. 9A.)

13. The George W. Bush administration has continued to withhold government records from the Reagan administration, including documents about George Bush’s activities as Vice-President.  (“Reagan Records Held for 3rd Time” by Deb Riechmann [AP]; San Francisco Chronicle; 9/1/2001; p. A2.)  Some of those papers may have revealed information about some of the various misdeeds that Bush engaged in, including the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate affair.

14. Even as the Bush administration is calling for Americans to rally round the flag, his cronies are using the 9/11 attacks to advance his right wing agenda, including the missile shield. (“Missile Shield Plan May Gain Support” by Adam Clymer [New York Times]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/14/2001; p. 9A.)

15. Bush ally Falwell blames the attacks on America’s supposed spiritual shortcomings, sounding like Bin Laden himself in his pronouncements.  (“Falwell Says U.S. Has Lost God’s Protection Because of Spiritual Voice” by Gustav Niebuhr [New York Times]; San Francisco Chronicle; 9/14/2001; p. B8.)

16. The attack may also divert attention away from the disastrous results of the Bush budget package, which already threatened budget deficits and which was threatening social security.  Now, economic weakness can be blamed on the attacks.  (“Fragile U.S. Economy Is Now Put at Risk of Recession” by Chris O’Brien and Michelle Quinn; San Jose Mercury News; 9/12/2001; p. 7A.)


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