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FTR #328 Connections Between the Iran-Contra Scandal, Covert Action of the 1980s and the Terrorist Blitzkrieg of 9/11/2001

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Continuing discussion of the devastating attacks of 9/11, this program highlights connections between intelligence operations of the 1980s and the terrorist blitzkrieg.

1. The chief suspect in the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Osama Bin Laden had his genesis as a warrior in the Afghan war against the Soviets during the 1980’s. (“Blowback Chronicles” by Giles Folden; The Guardian, 9/15/2001; p. 2.)

2. Among the elements that figured in both the Iran-Contra scandal and the Afghan mujahadeen support network was Keenie-Meenie Services, a British security firm with strong connections to the intelligence community. (Idem.)

3. Another element that figured in both the Iran-Contra scandal and the Afghan support effort was BCCI. (Ibid.; p. 3.) The milieu of BCCI figures heavily in the Iran-Contra scandal and also looms large in the connections of George W. Bush, James R. Bath and the Bin Laden family. (Robert Mueller, appointed as head of the FBI in July, was less than vigorous in his investigation of BCCI when he was with the Justice Department of the elder George Bush.)

4. The Afghan mujahadeen support effort was heavily underwritten by the Saudis. (Idem.)

5. The broadcast underscores the fact that Bush’s father has strong ties to Unocal, which was planning to put a pipeline through Afghanistan. (Ibid.; p. 4.)

6. Next, the program details the significant role of the World Muslim Congress in the mujahadeen support effort. (The Beast Reawakens; Martin A. Lee; copyright 1997 [HC]; ISBN 0-316-51959-6; pp. 225-226.)

7. The WMC was founded by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a major in the SS and a key Axis spy. (Ibid.; p. 225.)

8. Funded by the Saudi royal family and the Saudi government, WMC has retained all of its fascist character. Providing speakers for the Holocaust-denying Institute of Historical Review, the WMC has mailed holocaust denial literature to members of congress and the British parliament. (Ibid.; p. 226.)

9. It should be noted that the Saudi government hired American neo-Nazi William Grimstead as an American lobbyist. (Idem.)

10. Next, the program highlights the alleged connections of Imad Muganiyeh to the milieu of the September 11 attacks. (“Two New Names Surface as Sept. 11 Ringleaders” by Chris Blackhurst [London Independent]; San Francisco Chronicle; 9/21/2001; p. A20.)

11. Allegedly a key player in Bin Laden’s network, Muganiyeh was a key figure in the torture and kidnapping of CIA officer William Buckley (an incident central to the machinations of the Iran-Contra scandal.) (Idem.)

12. He also was pivotally involved in the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Argentina in 1992 and the AMIA, a Jewish cultural center, in 1994. (Idem.)

13. The remainder of the broadcast consists of an excerpt from FTR 109, detailing connections between the Iran-Contra scandal, the Argentine security services and the two bombings allegedly masterminded by Muganiyeh. Argentine investigators have allegedly linked Monzer Al-Kassar to both bombings. (“Government Worried About Visit of Al-Kassar;” Clarin; 8/2/98.)

14. Al-Kassar, a Syrian intelligence officer close to him, former Argentine president Carlos Menem’s first wife and Menem associate Alfredo Yabran are all from the same city in Syria. (Idem.)

15. Swiss investigators have also linked Al-Kassar to the bombings. (“Syrian Linked to Bombings” [Jewish Telegraphic Agency]; Jewish Bulletin of Northern California; 6/21/96.)

16. In addition to Al-Kassar, a former Argentine intelligence agent (Leonardo Sanchez Raisse) connected to the Iran-Contra affair appears to be an evidentiary tributary to the two bombings in which Muganiyeh was involved. (“Former Spy Released from Jail After 34 Days;” Clarin; 8/2/98.)


One comment for “FTR #328 Connections Between the Iran-Contra Scandal, Covert Action of the 1980s and the Terrorist Blitzkrieg of 9/11/2001”

  1. The Reagan Legacy Project is never finished:

    Maddow Blog
    Rand Paul vows to follow Reagan’s poor example on Iran
    04/07/15 04:45 PM—Updated 04/07/15 04:47 PM

    By Steve Benen

    A critically important international debate unfolded last week once a framework was in place to curtail Iran’s nuclear program. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), however, skipped the argument, remaining silent while on vacation.

    The senator did, however, broach the subject in his presidential announcement speech in Kentucky this afternoon:

    “I envision a national defense that promotes, as Reagan put it, ‘peace through strength.’

    “I believe in applying Ronald Reagan’s approach to foreign policy to the Iran issue. Successful negotiations with untrustworthy adversaries are only achieved from a position of strength.”

    You know, there was a point – say, around 1987 – when the very idea of a Republican presidential candidate emulating Reagan’s policy towards Iran probably seemed rather ridiculous.

    After all, Reagan’s the one who tried to illegally sell weapons to Iran, in exchange for hostages, in order to finance an illegal war in Central America. Reagan was caught lying about his administration’s criminal scheme, and 14 members of his national security team, including his Defense Secretary, faced multiple felony counts in one of the most serious scandals in American history.

    Rand Paul wants to apply “Reagan’s approach to foreign policy to the Iran issue”? Does Rand Paul remember Iran-Contra? How about Reagan cutting and running from Iran’s allies in Lebanon?

    It’s turning into an interesting week for uninformed Reagan acolytes, isn’t it? Some of them don’t remember his economic record nearly as well as they think they do, and some of them obviously don’t remember his foreign policy record well, either.

    At this rate, I half-expect Republicans to argue tomorrow that Ronaldus Magnus lowered the national debt, too, despite Reagan adding to the debt at a pace unseen in modern times.


    Yes, the Reagan Legacy Project: the gift that keeps on giving. For instance, did you know that Ronald Reagan once fought a grizzly bear with his magical fire breath and traveled to the year 3010 to fight the Robot King? He also built the pyramids!

    Oh wait, that’s from a different legacy project. Easy mistake.

    Still, given Rand’s indirect Iran Contra reference, the question is raised of who would fill the role of the Contras and secretly receive the proceeds from the secret arms sales to Iran under a future Paul presidency? Another group of right-wing central American militants? Ukrainian “volunteer battalions”?

    Or might it be a group even closer to home? That seems possible.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | April 8, 2015, 1:52 pm

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