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FTR #329 Connecting The Dots Part 3

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1. Beginning with discussion of the Al-Qaeda operations in Germany, the program discusses the Bin Laden organizations links to the guerrillas fighting in Chechnya. (“Al Queda Group Has Strong German Support Network” by Hugh Williamson; Financial Times; 9/27/2001; p. 3.)

2. In exchange for Russian acquiescence in the use of bases in the former Soviet Union for the campaign against the Taliban, Vladimir Putin has demanded that the U.S. help quell the Chechen guerrillas, apparently connected to Bin Laden. (“In Major Shift, Russia Backs U.S. Use of Ex-Soviet Bases” [Boston Globe]; San Francisco Chronicle; 9/25/2001; p. A6.)

3. Next, the broadcast excerpts FTR-182. The Chechen guerrillas have attacked Dagestan, a key Russian access point to Caspian Sea oil. (“Skirmish in Dagestan is Big Risk for Russia” by Carlotta Gall; New York Times; 8/13/99.)

4. The guerrillas have strong links to the Saudi-backed Wahhabi sect of Islam. (Idem.) (For more on the Wahhabi influence on the Chechen guerrillas, see FTR-103.) Many of their leaders received their military training in the U.S.-backed war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. (Idem.) (Osama Bin Laden received his military training in the same conflict.)

5. Next, the broadcast highlights information about the historical connection between the Wahhabi sect, king Ibn Saud, the Third Reich and Allen Dulles. (The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People; by John Loftus and Mark Aarons; copyright 1994 [HC]; St. Martin’s Press; ISBN 0-312-11057-X; p. 21, pp. 30-31.) (See more on the Ibn Saud, Dulles, Third Reich connection.)

6. Underscoring the Bin Laden influence in Pakistan, the program sets forth information about an attack on American and United Nations sites in Pakistan. (“U.S. and U.N. Sites Attacked in Pakistan” by Amir Zia [AP]; San Francisco Examiner; 11/12/99.)

7. The excerpt from FTR-182 concludes with discussion of the role of James R. Bath in the financing of George W. Bush’s first oil company. (Bath was the North American business representative of the Bin Laden family.) (Fortunate Son; J.H. Hatfield; St. Martin’s Press; copyright 2000 [HC].)

8. The first side of the program concludes with the reading of an excerpt from another book detailing the Bath, Bush, Bin Laden family connection. (The Mafia, CIA & George Bush; by Pete Brewton; copyright 1992 [HC]; SPI Books; ISBN 1-56171-203-5; p. 219, pp. 221-222.)

9. In addition to the business connection between the Bin Laden family and George W., the elder George Bush has business connections to the Bin Laden family through the Carlyle Group. (“Bin Laden Family Is Tied to U.S. Group” by Daniel Golden, James Bandler and Marcus Walker; Wall Street Journal; 9/27/2001; pp. A3-A6.) (For more about the Carlyle Group and George H.W. Bush, see FTR-284. For more on the Bin Laden family/Carlyle Group connection, see FTR-334.)

10. Next, the broadcast reviews the role of Allen Dulles in the corporate masking of the Bush family’s Nazi front companies prior to, and during, World War II. (The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People; pp. 360-361.) (See more on the Bush family involvement with the Third Reich.)

11. The broadcast analyzes features of the Wahhabi sect of Islam, discussing its profound influence on American imams. (“Ground Zero and the Saudi Connection” by Stephen Schwartz; The Spectator [U.K. magazine]; 9/22/2001; pp. 12-13.)

12. Practiced by the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden and the Saudis, Wahhabiism could be accurately described as “Islamofascist.” (Idem.) The sect could be compared to “extreme Protestant sectarianism.” (Ibid.; p. 12.)

13. The broadcast concludes with a review of the World Muslim Congress, an “Islamofascist” institution that was pivotal in the anti-Soviet Afghan war of the 1980’s. (The Beast Reawakens; Martin A. Lee; copyright 1997 [HC]; ISBN 0-316-51959-6; pp. 225-226.)

14. The WMC was founded by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a major in the SS and a key Axis spy. (Ibid.; p. 225.) (See more about the Grand Mufti.)

15. Funded by the Saudi government and the Saudi royal family, WMC has retained all of its fascist character. Providing speakers for the Holocaust-denying Institute of Historical Review, the WMC has mailed holocaust denial literature to members of congress and the British parliament. (Ibid.; p. 226.)

16. It should be noted that the Saudi government hired American neo-Nazi William Grimstead as an American lobbyist. (Idem.) (Recorded on 10/01 and 10/08/2001.)


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