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FTR #332 B as in Bush, B as in Bormann, B as in Von Bolschwing

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1. The focal point of the broadcast is Otto von Bolschwing, one of the principal officers in administering Hitler’s liquidation of the Jews.  In addition to his own significance, Von Bolschwing is noteworthy because Helene von Damm (a protégé of Von Bolschwing’s) selected the lists of personnel from which Ronald Reagan’s cabinet appointments were made.  It is Mr. Emory’s conviction that the Reagan administrations (and the administrations of both Georges Bush) are fronts for the “Underground Reich” and the remarkable and deadly Bormann organization.

2. The first half of the program details important historical and political connections between Von Bolschwing and several figures who figure in the background of the events leading up to the 9/11 attacks.  In charge of SS intelligence operations in the Middle East, Von Bolschwing conspired with Saudi King Ibn Saud (a close friend and professional associate of Mohammed Bin Laden, Osama’s father), British fascist Jack Philby, Bush family business associate Allen Dulles and Haj Amin al-Husseini to (among other things) give the Third Reich access to the oil reserves of the Middle East.  (Correction: Ibn Saud was not an in-law of the Bin Laden family, although they were very close. This relationship is detailed in FTR#292.)

3. Although ostensibly working for British intelligence, Jack Philby was actually a double agent on behalf of the Third Reich.  (The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People; John Loftus and Mark Aarons; Copyright 1994 [HC]; St. Martin’s Press; ISBN 0-312-11057-X; p. 46.)

4. Philby and Von Bolschwing conspired to manipulate Great Britain into promoting the idea of Jewish emigration to Palestine and then communicated this information to the fiercely anti-Semitic Ibn Saud.  (Ibid.; pp. 46-48.)  This had the effect of discrediting Great Britain in the eyes of the Arabs, to the benefit of the Third Reich.  (For more about this, see FTR#216.)

5. Philby then conspired with the Third Reich to try to secure Saudi oil for Hitler, using Franco’s Spain as a trans-shipment point.  (Ibid.; p. 51.)  It should be noted that Franco was a Nazi protégé, having come to power largely as a result of the military support given to his fascist forces by Hitler and Mussolini.

6. In 1940, Philby, Ibn Saud, Allen Dulles, Dulles’ brother (and law partner in the powerful Sullivan & Cromwell firm) and Dillon, Read investment professionals Paul Nitze and James Forrestall worked a three-way deal in order to secure Saudi oil for the Third Reich.  (Ibid.; pp. 63-64.)

It should be noted that two of the principal American oil companies involved in this transaction, Standard of California and Standard of New Jersey, had significant capital participation by the Nazi I.G. Farben chemical company.

7. Ibn Saud, the Third Reich, Philby and the Grand Mufti actively conspired to secure the Middle East for Nazi Germany, with Ibn Saud as the head of the “caliphate.”  (Ibid.; p. 68.)

8. The first side of the program concludes with discussion of the fact that 70% of the investment capital that financed the Third Reich in the 1930’s came from the United States and that Allen Dulles was a central figure in arranging this relationship.  (Ibid.; p. 57.)

9. After the war, Von Bolschwing went to work for Allen Dulles and the CIA and was brought to the United States by Dulles.  (Ibid.; p. 46.)

10. The second side of the program consists of an excerpt of RFA#30, dealing with Von Bolschwing’s activities after he was brought to the United States.  Correction: In the verbal introduction to the excerpt from RFA#30, Mr. Emory misstates the initials of Von Bolschwing’s electronics firm.  It is TCI, not TCCI.  Hakim was one of the operators in the Iran-Contra related machinations. It should be noted that George H.W. Bush directed both the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate affairs, utilizing the inter-agency governmental networks that were created pursuant to the Vice-President’s task force on combating terrorism.

Highlighting the overlap between the milieu of Von Bolschwing and the Iran-Contra scandal, the broadcast discusses International Imaging Systems, a subsidiary of TCI that was later acquired by Albert Hakim’s Stanford Technology.  (“Los Gatos Mystery Man in Spotlight” by Pete Carey; San Jose Mercury News; 7/18/1986.)

11. It should be noted that Hakim had previously utilized Frank Terpil in connection with Stanford Technology.  (Ibid.)

12. Next, the program reviews Von Bolschwing’s career in the United States, after he was brought here by Allen Dulles.  (“Ex-Nazi’s Brilliant U.S. Career Strangled in a Web of Lies” by Pete Carey; San Jose Mercury News; 11/20/81; pp. 1A-24A.)

13. In addition to his stewardship of TCI (and its subsidiary International Imaging Systems), Von Bolschwing employed his protégé, Ms. von Damm in the firm.  (Idem.)

14. The broadcast highlights Helene von Damm’s role in selecting the lists of personnel that Ronald Reagan used to select his cabinet appointments.  (“Big Promotion for Reagan’s Ex-Secretary;” San Francisco Chronicle; 8/3/82.)

15. Concluding with discussion of van Damm’s involvement with Albert Hakim, the program sets forth allegations that von Damm worked for some of Hakim’s European subsidiary companies.  (San Jose Metro; 12/11-17/86.)


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