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FTR #333 Forward Into the Past

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1. As stated in the descriptions for FTRs 325 and 326, Mr. Emory believes terrorist elements associated with the Underground Reich that were recruited to help the United States actually have “doubled on America”.  This program opens with discussion of the relationship between Ali Hassan Salameh and the CIA.  (“Good Spies Need Help from the Bad Guys” by David Ignatius [Washington Post]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/18/2001; p. 9B.)

2. Salameh was a principal operative of the Black September organization, the reputed mastermind of the 1972 Olympics massacre and (since 1970) an important asset of the CIA.  (Idem.)

3. A principal topic of discussion in RFA#22, Salameh was the son of Hassan Salameh, a key aide to Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.  The Grand Mufti was a key Nazi operative before, during and after World War II.  (“PLO Operative Slain, Purportedly by Israelis, Had Been Helping U.S.” by David Ignatius; Wall Street Journal; 2/10/83, p.1.)

4. The remainder of the first half of the program consists of an excerpt from RFA#22.  The broadcast sets forth the background of father & son Salameh, their relationship to the Grand Mufti and the elder Salameh’s work on behalf of the Third Reich.  (The Quest for the Red Prince; by Michael Bar-Zohar and Eitan Haber; Copyright 1983 [HC]; William Morrow & Co.)

5. Hassan Salameh was a principal operative in an abortive Third Reich plan to poison the wells of Tel Aviv and precipitate an Arab uprising against the British, in order to divert Allied troops away from the planned offensive in the Ardennes.  (Idem.)   It should be noted in that regard that, in that capacity, Salameh must have come under the operational control of SS colonel and ODESSA head Otto Skorzeny

6. Continuing to do the Grand Mufti’s bidding, Salameh fought against Israel during that country’s war of independence.  (Idem.)

7. Ali Hassan Salameh was educated in Germany, spent considerable time there, and ultimately married a relative of the Grand Mufti’s.  (Idem.)

8. The second side of the program turns to the subject of Hans Langemann, the BND “security” director of the 1972 Olympics-which turned out to be anything but secure.  (“Bonn Security Aide is Seized After Disclosures on Secrets” [AP]; New York Times; 3/19/82.)   It should be noted that the BND (for which Langemann worked) was descended from the Reinhard Gehlen spy outfit, the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler’s Eastern Front intelligence organization from World War II.

9. Next, the program deals with Langemann’s involvement in another affair concerning terrorism. Working for the Bavarian Vergassunschutz (a domestic intelligence agency) provided an alibi for Karl Heinz Hoffman, a notorious neo-Nazi implicated in the Munich Octoberfest bombing of 1980.  (The New Reich: Violent Extremism in Unified Germany and Beyond; by Michael Schmidt; Copyright 1993 [HC]; Pantheon Books; ISBN 0-679-42578-0; pp. 97-98.)

10. Horst Mahler, a key member of the NPD, arguably Germany’s top neo-Nazi group, applauded the attacks of 9/11. (“German Right-Winger Applauds Terrorists” by Toby Helm; Daily Telegraph; 9/25/2001; accessed at www.news.telegraph.co.uk.)

11. Interestingly Mahler had been a member of the Red Army Faction/Baader-Meinhoff Gang during the 1970’s.  (“Mahler: From Left to Right” by Wolfgang Schmidt; Searchlight; 10/2001 [#316]; p. 25.)

12. While working for the RAF/Baader-Meinhoff, Mahler issued an ideological endorsement of the Olympics massacre by Black September.  (Idem.)

13. The program then details connections between a number of key World War II and postwar fascist activists.  Swiss fascist Francois Genoud developed a number of important relationships.  (Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International; by Kevin Coogan; Copyright 1999 [SC]; ISBN 1-57027-039-2; pp. 584-588.)

14. The heir to the literary wills of Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann, Genoud was also close to SD intellgence officer Paul Dickopf.  (The SD is the SS intelligence service.  Dickopf later became head of the BKA, the West German Federal Police.  (Ibid.; p. 584.)

15. Dickopf was also worked with Allen Dulles, who (as we saw in FTR#332) was close to the Bush family, von Bolschwing associate king Ibn Saud, who was a friend of Mohammed Bin Laden.  (Ibid.; pp. 584-5.)

16. Genoud was also on excellent terms with Nazi operative Eugen Dollmann and both were, in turn close to the Grand Mufti.  (Ibid.; p. 585.)

17. Genoud had strong relationships with many Nazis operating in Middle Eastern countries.  (Idem.)

18. Genoud worked with a number of Middle Eastern Nationalist groups fighting against Israel, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  (Ibid.; p. 586.)

19. In addition to the notorious Carlos the Jackal, (allegedly trained by Frank Terpil), Genoud developed a liaison with the Red Army Faction/Baader Meinhoff gang, with which Mahler was associated.  Genoud was also on excellent professional terms with Ali Hassan Salameh.  (Ibid.; p. 587.)

20. Finally, Genoud successfully lobbied Middle Eastern governments to approve Paul Dickopf as head of Interpol.  (Ibid.; p. 588.)

21. Under Dickopf (who headed Interpol at the time of the Olympics massacre) was less than vigorous in pursuing terrorists such as Salameh.  (Idem.)  (For more about Interpol, see RFA#2.)

22. Finally, the program concludes with analysis of the PFLP’s role in the assassination of the Israeli tourism minister, an act that further inflamed the already volatile Israeli-Palestinian question.  (“Israel Wants Arafat to Hand Over Assassins” by Michael Matza; San Jose Mercury News; 10/18/2001; p. 6A.)  Noting the PFLP’s fascist/Nazi links, their action at this point in time is noteworthy.


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