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FTR #335 Walking The Snake, Part 2

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1. Supplementing the discussion and analysis from earlier broadcasts on the subject of the terrorist blitzkrieg of 9/11, this program derives its title from the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk. Mr. Emory believes that, like The Turner Diaries (also published by National Vanguard Books), the book is actually a blueprint for what is going to take place. It is a novel about a Nazi takeover of the United States in the middle of the 21st century. The book describes the Third Reich going underground, buying into the American media, and taking over the country.  “It assumes that Hitler’s warrior elite – the SS – didn’t give up their struggle for a White world when they lost the Second World War. Instead their survivors went underground and adopted some of their tactics of their enemies: they began building their economic muscle and buying into the opinion-forming media. A century after the war they are ready to challenge the democrats and Jews for the hearts and minds of White Americans, who have begun to have their fill of government-enforced multi-culturalism and ‘equality.'” (From the back cover of Serpent’s Walk by “Randolph D. Calverhall;” Copyright 1991 [SC]; National Vanguard Books; 0-937944-05-X.)

2. In the book, the Nazi takeover takes place after a bioterror attack on the United States that kills much of the American population.  FTR#335 examines links between the 9/11 incident and what Mr. Emory calls “the Underground Reich.”  Beginning with discussion of a fellow traveler of the German neo-Nazi NPD, the broadcast highlights the connections between Ahmed Huber and the milieu of Osama Bin Laden.  (“Far Right Has Ties with Islamic Extreme” by Hugh Williamson and Philipp Jaklin; Financial Times; 11/9/2001; p. 4.)

3. Huber has met members of Bin Laden’s organization, but denies that the Al Taqwa management group and the related Nada Management firms were involved with funding Bin Laden’s organization.  (Idem.)

4. Like Horst Mahler (discussed in FTR#333), Huber is an associate of the NPD, as well as Islamic extremists.  (Idem.)

5. A doctrinaire anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, Huber was closely associated with a Nazi émigré milieu in Nasser’s Egypt discussed in numerous past broadcasts.  (“Les Amis de Faurisson: Ahmed Rami” by Gilles Karmasyn.)

6. In particular, Huber was associated in Egypt with Johann Von Leers, a Goebbels assistant for anti-Semitic propaganda.  (Idem.)

7. In Egypt, Von Leers ran an anti-Semitic propaganda institute for Nasser, and became associated with a milieu that included the notorious Swiss Nazi Francois Genoud and the Grand Mufti. (Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International; by Kevin Coogan; Copyright 1999 [SC]; ISBN 1-57027-039-2; p. 585.)

8. Yousseff  Nada, the head of Nada management sat on the board of a prestigious geo-political think tank that included Henry Kissinger and Mikail Gorbachev.  (“Bin Laden Trail Extends to Swiss Outfit” by Yaroslav Trofimov; Wall Street Journal; 9/21/2001; p. A19.)

9. Next, the program highlights suspicions that the Al Taqwa firm (Nada Management) was associated with the stock market manipulation discussed in FTR#’s 327 and 331.  (“Stock Trades Probed for Ties to Bin Laden” by William Drozdiak; Washington Post; 9/18/2001; p. A08.)

10. Among the companies whose stocks were involved in the “short selling” are Swiss Reinsurance and Munich Reinsurance.  (Idem.)  Both companies have liability in the World Trade Center bombing.  (See below.)

11. Allianz was another insurance company whose stock was (according to some) suspiciously traded prior to the 9/11 attacks.  (“Possibly Suspicious Trading Alerts U.S., German Officials” by Floyd Norris and Edmund L. Andrews [New York Times]; San Jose Mercury News; 9/17/2001; p. 4C.)

12. The balance of the first of the broadcast deals with the issue of possible Bormann organization economic control of the World Trade Center.

13. The WTC was leased by Larry A. Silverstein just before the attacks.  (“Insurer Sues to Limit its Payout for World Trade Center” by Stephen Labaton; New York Times; 10/23/2001; p. B5.)

14. In order to limit its liability, Swiss Re is suing Silverstein.  (Idem.)

15. Interestingly (and perhaps significantly), “there was no insurance policy yet issued on the properties when they were destroyed.”  (Idem.)

16. The program reviews information presented in FTR#305 concerning the Bormann organization’s use of Jewish businessmen in its operations. (Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile; Paul Manning; Copyright 1981 [HC]; Lyle Stuart Inc.; ISBN 0-8184-0309-8; P. 227.)

17. As noted in The New York Times, Mr. Silverstein “has the lest to lose financially and the most to gain.”  (“Twin Towers at the Center of Legal Brawl” by Stephen Labaton and Jonathan D. Glater; New York Times; 11/3/2001; p. C1.)

18. Silverstein was the beneficiary of the lobbying efforts of Jack Quinn, who had lobbied President Clinton on behalf of Marc Rich. (Idem.)

19. The three insurance companies whose stock was “sold short” prior to the 9/11 attacks-Swiss Re, Munich Re and Allianz-face an enormous payoff to Silverstein. (Idem.)

20. Silverstein was largely capitalized by a General Motors subsidiary and UBS Warburg. (Idem.)

21. Both GM and UBS Warburg (formerly Union Bank of Switzerland) have strong connections to The Bormann group.  The Bormann organization has significant capital participation in GM, through the Hermann Schmitz Trust.  (Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile; Paul Manning; p. 280.)

22. The program underscores the profound connections of UBS to the Nazi I.G. Farben chemical cartel and, through the I.G. and its successor companies, to the Bormann organization.  (Ibid.; pp. 160-161.)

23. One of the three firms that grew out of IG after its breakup at the end of World War II, the Bayer firm saw its stock rise 33% as a result of the anthrax attacks in the United States.  (“Biotechnology Stocks Are Gaining on Anthrax Scare” by Charles Piller; Los Angeles Times; 10/18/2001; p. C1.)  (Bayer is the maker of Cipro, a drug that is used to treat anthrax.)  The proximity of elements involved with the Bormann organization to the 9/11 attacks and related events, and the profits that may have accrued to that remarkable and deadly institution should not be overlooked.  In Serpent’s Walk, the Underground Reich infiltrates the US military prior to its takeover of the United States.

24. In that context, it is important to note that the anthrax strain utilized in the attacks appears to have come from the United States.  (“Deadly Spores Were Made in the U.S., FBI Says;” San Jose Mercury News; 11/7/2001; p. 5A.)

25. Dubbed “the Ames strain,” this particular variety of anthrax was heavily researched as a biological warfare weapon by the United States.  (“The Scientists Probing Terror Anthrax Trace Microbe’s Family Tree” by Antonio Regalado; Wall Street Journal; 11/8/2001; pp. A1-A14.)

26. It should be noted that apartheid-era South Africa’s biological warfare program had stockpiled several different anthrax strains.  (“Anthrax Bacteria Likely To Be US Military Strain” by Debora MacKenzie; New Scientist; 10/24/2001.)  As discussed in FTR#’s 317 and 324, among those assisting the South African biowarfare program was Dr. Larry Creed Ford, whose work for the apartheid government was conducted in conjunction with elements of the CIA. (See also: FTR#225.)

27. With speculation growing that domestic terrorists may have been behind the anthrax attacks, Ford (apparently in touch with right wing extremist groups) is among those whose name has been discussed.  (“U.S. Groups Have Some Ties to Germ Warfare” by Jo Thomas; New York Times; 11/2/2001; p. B8.)

28. It is noteworthy that South Africa is among the countries in which the Bin Laden organization has been active.  (“South Africa Probes Transactions by Al-Qaeda” by James Lamont and Nicol Degli Innocenti; Financial Times; 10/22/2001; p. 4.)

29. South African Islamic extremists have played host to the above-mentioned Ahmed Huber.  (“Anti-Semitism Worldwide 1997/98” by the Stephen Roth Institute of Tel Aviv University.)

30. The NPD (with which Huber is associated) is closely allied with the National Alliance (the publisher of Serpent’s Walk.)  (“Far Right Violence Soars in Germany” by Martin A. Lee; San Francisco Bay Guardian; 3/19/2001.)  The program points out the links between the Underground Reich, domestic terrorists, Islamic extremists, elements of the U.S. national security establishment, as well as the apartheid regime of South Africa.  The possibility that the anthrax attacks may have been perpetrated by one, several or all of the above elements is not one to be too readily dismissed.

31. It may be impossible to determine the origin of the anthrax, since the Iowa State archive was destroyed on October 10 or 11, after being held for decades.  (“FBI Missteps in Anthrax Probe Alleged” by William J. Broad, David Johnston, and Paul Zielbauer [New York Times]; San Francisco Chronicle; 11/9/2001; p. A7.)

32. The FBI sanctioned the destruction.  (Idem.)


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  1. […] In FTR #335 and FTR #336, Dave Emory continues his analysis of the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk. These podcasts belong in fact to a wider series of shows on 9/11 that could be called, if I may, the « Connecting the Dots Series ». Published by National Vanguard Books, the same publisher as The Turner Diaries, this book is a blueprint for what is to come rather than a novel. Dave Emory begins the analysis of FTR #335 by recalling the links that exist between Osama bin Laden and Ahmed Huber. Director of the bank Al-Taqwa that helped to finance terrorist organizations such as the Hamas and Al-Qaeda, Huber has been instrumental in connecting extremist elements within the Islamic community with what can be described as the Underground Reich, a Third Reich gone underground at the end of WWII. Among others, he befriended luminaries such as François Genoud, Johannes Van Leers, Aya­tol­lah Khomeini, Amin Al-Husseini, Youssef Nada and the Nazi émigré community in Nasser’s Egypt. Then Emory mentions stock market manipulations that happened just before 9/11, such as short selling, reinsurance fraud and other gambits. See this previous post for more details. In that field of research, the case of Larry A. Silverstein remains intriguing. He leased the WTC just before the attacks, during the summer. He was the one who had the more to gain and the less to lose with the attacks. More broadly, FTR #335 makes the connection between the Bormann Capital Network and some of the financial players who seemed to pull the strings behind the curtains, such as GM, UBS and the continuation of the previous I. G. Farben Nazi cartel. The anthrax scare around 9/11 is also brought up. […]

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