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FTR #336 Walking the Snake, Part 3

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1. Supplementing the discussion and analysis from earlier broadcasts on the subject of the terrorist blitzkrieg of 9/11, this program derives its title from the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk. It is certainly believable that, like The Turner Diaries (also published by National Vanguard Books), the book is actually a blueprint for what is going to take place. It is a novel about a Nazi takeover of the United States in the middle of the 21st century. The book describes the Third Reich going underground, buying into the American media, and taking over the country. “It assumes that Hitler’s warrior elite – the SS – didn’t give up their struggle for a White world when they lost the Second World War. Instead their survivors went underground and adopted some of their tactics of their enemies: they began building their economic muscle and buying into the opinion-forming media. A century after the war they are ready to challenge the democrats and Jews for the hearts and minds of White Americans, who have begun to have their fill of government-enforced multi-culturalism and ‘equality.’” (From the back cover of Serpent’s Walk by “Randolph D. Calverhall;” Copyright 1991 [SC]; National Vanguard Books; 0-937944-05-X.)

2. In the book, the Nazi takeover takes place after a bioterror attack on the United States that kills much of the American population. The program focuses largely on some of the German connections to the 9/11 attacks.

3. The program begins with discussion of alleged links between Timothy McVeigh and men of Middle Eastern extraction. (“Justice Department Won’t Let Agent Testify” by James Patterson; Indianapolis Star; 11/3/2001.)

4. Two FBI agents with information corroborating this account have been blocked from testifying at the state trial of Terry Nichols. (Idem.) There are numerous connections between Nazi elements and Middle Eastern nationalist and fascist movements.

5. In the context of McVeigh’s alleged Middle Eastern links, it is interesting (and, perhaps, significant) that a number of Islamic individuals from Oklahoma are being investigated in connection to the 9/11 attacks. (“FBI Says 20th Hijacker Held by INS on September 11” [AP]; San Francisco Chronicle; 11/15/2001; p. A12.)

6. German investigators estimate that scores of thousands of terrorists have been trained in the Al Qaeda camps. (“Al-Queda Camps ‘Trained 70,000 in Terror’” by Hugh Williamson; Financial Times; 11/15/2001; p. 4.)

7. The German anti-terrorist provisions are complementary to the documented support of German fascists for Islamic extremists. “Moreover, any formal criminal investigations of suspected terrorists were allowed only if there was sufficient evidence that they might commit acts of terrorism on German soil. They were immune from prosecution if confining themselves to spreading propaganda or providing logistical support to terrorist groups abroad. Above all, a law gave legal protection and virtual immunity to foreign religious organizations—an easily obtainable status that potentially provided excellent cover for terrorist groups.” (“Sept. 11 a Wake-Up Call for Germany” by Eric Geiger; San Francisco Chronicle; 11/3/2001; p. A4.) Despite these limitations, the behavior of German security in connection with the 9/11 attacks is more than a little suspicious. (This should not be misunderstood as implying that there are not German intelligence and police operatives who are sincerely opposed to fascism and terror.)

8. German domestic intelligence operatives had a tip in 2000 that a Hamburg apartment utilized by Mohammed Atta should be surveilled, but their efforts were frustrated. (“In Hamburg Terror Probe, Grim Lessons” by Ian Johnson; Wall Street Journal; 11/14/2001; p. A17.)

9. In addition, German officials were remarkably slow to investigate an Iranian-owned airfield outside of Hamburg, at which Middle Eastern students were given flying lessons. (Ibid.; p. A18.)

10. An Iranian-owned airfield outside Hamburg (the same airfield?) with connections to Islamic extremists has been used to smuggle nuclear materials to Iran. (“Islamic Iran’s American Base” by Kenneth R. Timmerman; American Spectator; 12/1995.)

11. Intriguingly, the airfield appears to be associated with the Mostazafan Foundation, headed by Mohsen Rafiq-doust, the former minister of Iran’s brutal Revolutionary Guards. (Idem.) The Revolutionary Guards seized the hostages from the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979. (It should be noted that the collaboration between the Reagan/Bush campaign and the Iranian fundamentalists in delaying the release of those hostages has come to be known as “the October Surprise.”

12. An Islamic center in Potomac, Maryland, carries anti-Semitic literature penned by Achmed Huber, who has termed the Ayatollah Khomeini “the living continuation of Adolf Hitler.” (Idem.) (Huber is connected to German Nazi elements, as well as an alleged funding conduit of Al Qaeda being investigated in connection with the insider trading that took place prior to 9/11.) (The fascist Third Position extols Khomeini as a role model.)

13. Known for efforts to acquire nuclear technology, Al Qaeda has been alleged to have the sympathies of people associated with the construction of Pakistan’s atomic bomb. In that context, Pakistan’s atomic bomb was constructed with the fundamental assistance of a German, Ernst Piffl. (“German Technology Behind Pakistani Bomb” La Republica; 5/29/98; p. 2.)

14. Iraq has been known for its efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction and for its support of Islamic terrorists. Recently, it has been reported that Iraqi agents have been very active in Germany. (“Iraq Slipped Secret Agents Into Germany” by Hugh Williamson and Philip Jaklin; Financial Times; 11/1/2001; p. 3.)

15. It would appear that Germans are continuing to assist the Iraqis with their efforts at producing chemical and biological weapons and making them available to terrorists. (“Defectors Cite Iraqi Training for Terrorism” by Chris Hedges; New York Times; 11/8/2001; pp. A1-B2.)

16. In that context, one should remember the profound German Nazi connections to Iraq, dating back to World War II. In Germany itself, a burglary by someone representing himself as a common thief presented the German authorities with 40 pages of documents, allegedly dealing with Al Qaeda operations. (“In Germany, a Cache of Sept. 11 Evidence” by Ian Johnson, William Boston and Marcus Walker; Wall Street Journal; 10/17/2001; p. A22.)

17. In contrast with its professed efforts to do everything possible to neutralize terrorist elements operating from German soil, Germany has proved less than vigorous in instituting financial transparency laws that would have furthered that goal. (“German Banks Balk at Moves to Track Cash” by Marcus Walker; Wall Street Journal; 10/29/2001.)

18. Germany’s reticence in that regard is noteworthy, because Germany appears to have been the financial hub of the operation. (“Data Point to Germany as Attack Finance Hub” by Ian Johnson, David S. Cloud; Wall Street Journal; 9/26/2001; p. A3.)

19. Among the recipients of German funds in the United States, Zacarias Moussaaoui has been suspected of involvement with the 9/11 attacks. (“Man Held in U.S. Was Wired 2 Large Sums from Germany” by Philip Shenon; New York Times; 10/16/2001; p. B8.)

20. In the wake of the attacks, a German roomate of the hijackers in Florida has indicated that numerous other Germans and Austrians came and went without arousing suspicion. The question arises whether, perhaps, there was concrete assistance for the attacks by agents of German intelligence and/or the Underground Reich.

When Thorsten Biermann arrived at the Florida Flight Training Center a year ago for a six-week course for an instrument license, he was pleased to be housed with three other German-speaking students in a school-owned apartment within walking distance of the airfield. . . .

. . . . But the Lebanese left a nightmare legacy when he turned in his key. He was Ziad Samir Jarrah, one of the suspected Sept. 11 airplane hijackers, and the young German has been tainted by association.

Because Biermann hails from Hamburg, where Jarrah and at least two others identified by the FBI as hijackers lived, his name turned up on an FBI watch list. His bank account was frozen and police pored over his transactions. Journalists have showed up with cameras at his mother’s house in their hunt for accomplices in the terror attacks.

German police have nothing on him, but they have warned him he may still be branded an undesirable in U.S. immigration computer records.

The shadow cast over Biermann’s reputation has discouraged him from pursuing his lifelong desire to work for an airline. He is left with a tedious job in a medical insurance office while he waits to see if distracted FBI agents will clear his name.

“It was a coincidence that both Jarrah and I were from Hamburg; maybe that is what raised suspicion,” said Biermann, noting that none of the other Germans or Austrians who moved in and out of the apartment he shared with Jarrah had been placed on the FBI watch list. . . .

“Sus­pi­cion Hangs Over Hijack Suspect’s Ex-Roommate” by Carol J. Williams; Los Ange­les Times; 11/15/2001; p. A4.

21. Ziad Jarrah, the suspect alluded to in the previous point of discussion, had an uncle with links to the Libyan secret service. (“Germans Probe Stasi’s Link With Suspect” [AP]; Wall Street Journal; 11/5/2001; p. A17.) The Libyan secret service was put together by Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller, the consummately skilled and deadly chief of security for the Bormann organization.

22. Perhaps because of foot dragging and (possibly) complicity on the part of the Germans in connection with the investigation, FBI personnel in Germany have been at loggerheads with their hosts. (“Tensions Erupt Between Germans and FBI” by by Hugh Williamson and Philip Jaklin; Financial Times; 10/16/2001; p. 5.)

23. A German intelligence agent considered expert on the subject of Arab terrorism was murdered in Libya, apparently by the Bin Laden network. (“FBI Probe Into WTC Attack Provides Fresh Lead in Case of Murdered Verfassungsschutz Agent” by J. Hufelschulte & C. Thalmann; Focus; #41 [10/8/2001]; p. 36.)

24. A suspect in his death carried the same name as a suspect in the World Trade Center attack. (Idem.)

25. Like the murdered Verfassungsschutz official, FBI agent John O’Neill (in charge of the American investigation and killed in the WTC attacks) appears to have been “doubled on” by elements in his own command and operational structure. In a book recently published in France, O’Neill stated that the investigation into Bin Laden had been frustrated by American corporate connections to Saudi Arabia and “oil.” (“Oil Diplomacy Muddled U.S. Pursuit of Bin Laden, New Book Contends” by Ethan Bronner; New York Times; 11/12/2001; p. B6.)

26. O’Neill resigned his position at the FBI in protest over the obstruction and believed the Saudis to be deeply complicit in the event. (Idem.)


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