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FTR #338 Connecting the Dots, Part 5

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1. Further exploring the events of 9/11/2001, this broadcast begins with discussion of Laila Helms, the public relations representative of the Taliban in the United States. Discussed elsewhere, Ms. Helms is not the niece of former CIA director Richard Helms, as alleged in an article cited, but is married to Helms’ nephew. (“She Spoke for Taliban and Now Pays a Price” by Alessandra Stanley; New York Times; 11/27/2001; p. B6.)

2. Helms is described as “well connected” and that appears to be an accurate assessment. (Idem.)

3. Among those who vouch for her are Milt Bearden, the former CIA station chief in Peshawar (Pakistan) during the time that it served as the primary American base for operations against the Soviets. (Idem.)

4. In addition, Ms. Helms was born into a family that served as ministers under the former king of Afghanistan. (Idem.)

5. She was also executive director of Friends of Afghanistan, which generated support for the effort against the Soviets. (Idem.)

6. In 1988, she and her husband moved to Bearden’s former province of Peshawar. (Idem.) It does not seem unreasonable to wonder if “Friends of Afghanistan” may have been associated with the CIA.

7. Much of the broadcast focuses on Ali Mohamed, an Egyptian-born U.S. Army veteran who was a double agent for Al Qaeda. (“Ali Mohamed Served in the U.S. Army—And Bin Laden’s Circle” by Peter Waldman, Gerald F. Seib, Jerry Markon, and Christopher Cooper; Wall Street Journal; 11/26/2001; pp. A1-A6.) (It has been posited that the operational element behind the 9/11 attacks involved a “fifth column” within U.S. intelligence that “doubled” on other elements of the intelligence community sincerely concerned with safeguarding the United States.)

8. Originally involved with an Egyptian Islamic fundamentalist group that murdered Anwar Sadat, Mohamed helped train the group that bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. (Ibid.; p. A1.)

9. Mohamed also worked for the Army at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. (Idem.) In addition, it appears that he worked for the CIA against the Soviets during the Afghan war of the 1980’s. (Ibid.; p. A6.)

10. Mohamed informed for the FBI, and also worked for Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, convicted in connection with the first World Trade Center conspiracy and related events. (Idem.) (Rahman, too, was a veteran of the anti-Soviet Afghan war and his sons apparently work for Bin Laden.)

11. One fascinating detail of the discussion concerns a comment made by Sheikh Rahman in a conversation with one of his followers and over heard by FBI eavesdroppers. “ ‘Slow down; slow down a little bit,’ the sheik cautioned, whispering for fear the FBI was bugging his apartment—which it was. “The one who killed Kennedy was trained for three years.’ It was never made clear in later court testimony which assassination the sheik was talking about.” (Idem.) It should be noted that both Kennedy assassinations were supposedly the work of “lone nuts” and not the result of conspiracies. Sirhan Sirhan, the patsy for the assassination of Robert Kennedy, was a Palestinian Arab (who supposedly killed Kennedy because of his support for Israel.) There are numerous evidentiary tributaries connecting both Kennedy assassinations to the assassination of Martin Luther King, as well as the shooting of George Wallace. It can be suppsed that the executive authority in the assassinations was the same milieu that lay behind the 9/11 attacks.

12. Mr. Mohamed also helped plan the attacks on U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998.) (Idem.)

13. One of Sheikh Rahman’s sons was reported to have been captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. (“Key al Qaeda Official Caught” by Bob Drogin and Josh Meyer [Los Angeles Times]; San Francisco Chronicle; 11/29/2001; p. A1.)

14. Next, the program highlights a Syrian connection to Bin Laden. (“Family Ties that Bind and Bedevil” by Michael Slackman; Los Angeles Times; 11/13/2001; pp. A1-A4.)

15. One of Bin Laden’s wives is from a small town in Syria that is an epicenter of the Alawite sect, which controls the Syrian government and security forces. (Ibid.; p. A4.) Monzer Al-Kassar has strong connections to the Syrian intelligence services and has allegedly been involved with a milieu that overlaps the elements behind the 9/11 attacks.

16. Next, the broadcast sets forth more information about the al-Taqwa firm, allegedly involved with the 9/11 attacks. (“Bankrolling bin Laden” by Mark Huband; Financial Times; 11/29/2001; p. 6.)

17. Al-Taqwa executive Ghaleb Himmat is president of the Munich-based Islamic Community of Germany that expressed “pleasure” over the 9/11 attacks at a closed meeting. (Idem.)

18. The program also discusses the role of Saudi support for Islamic fighters in Bosnia, an apparent base for European operations of Al Qaeda. (Idem.)

19. The program concludes with a look at an Islamic fundamentalist document penned by Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic in 1970. (German and U.S. Involvement in the Balkans: A Careful Coincidence of National Policies? by T.W. (“Bill”) Carr, presented at a symposium on the Balkan War “Yugoslavia: Past and Present.”)


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