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FTR #339: Walking the Snake, Part 4

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1. Supplementing the discussion and analysis from earlier broadcasts on the subject of the terrorist blitzkrieg of 9/11, this program derives its title from the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk. It is posited here that, like The Turner Diaries (also published by National Vanguard Books), the book is actually a blueprint for what is going to take place. It is a novel about a Nazi takeover of the United States in the middle of the 21st century. The book describes the Third Reich going underground, buying into the American media, infiltrating the U.S. military and intelligence community, and taking over the country.  “It assumes that Hitler’s warrior elite – the SS – didn’t give up their struggle for a White world when they lost the Second World War. Instead their survivors went underground and adopted some of their tactics of their enemies: they began building their economic muscle and buying into the opinion-forming media. A century after the war they are ready to challenge the democrats and Jews for the hearts and minds of White Americans, who have begun to have their fill of government-enforced multi-culturalism and ‘equality.'” (From the back cover of Serpent’s Walk by “Randolph D. Calverhall;” Copyright 1991 [SC]; National Vanguard Books; 0-937944-05-X.) In the book, the Nazi takeover takes place after a bioterror attack on the United States that kills much of the American population. Following the attack, martial law is declared and the Underground Reich takes over.

2. This program begins with discussion of the FBI’s search for a possible infiltrator in the U.S. biological warfare program.  (“FBI Expands Anthrax Probe to Federal Labs” by William J. Broad and Judith Miller [New York Times]; San Francisco Chronicle; 12/2/2001; p. A14.)

3. Some experts believe such an infiltrator is the most likely culprit in the biological warfare attacks. (Idem.)

4. Many journalistic sources have noted that the 9/11 attacks have resulted in sweeping changes in law and civil liberties statutes.  One of the most determined critics of Attorney General John Ashcroft’s response to the attacks has been Senator Patrick Leahy.  (“Power Struggle over Civil Liberties” by Robin Toner [New York Times]; San Jose Mercury News; 12/2/2001; p. 6A.)  It should be noted in that context that Leahy has been the recipient of one of the anthrax-laced letters, apparently containing the same strain and quality as the weapons-grade anthrax sent to Senator Tom Daschle.

5. Next, the program highlights a CDC plan to respond to a bioterror attack.  (“Health Bill Jeopradizes Civil Rights” by Bernadette Tansey; San Francisco Chronicle; 11/25/2001; pp. A1-A22.)

6. Critics have voiced great concern over the plan’s disregard for civil liberties.  (Idem.)  The plan might be viewed as a plan for “bio-martial law.”

7. Next, the program excerpts FTR#271.  Attorney General Ashcroft himself has connections to domestic extremist and racist groups.  The broadcast deals with Ashcroft’s liaisons with elements of the neo-Confederate movement, as well as his support for a white supremacist accused of plotting to murder an FBI agent and a federal witness. Ashcroft has expressed support for Confederate generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Confederate president Jefferson Davis. (“Unseemly Alliances” by Bob Herbert; New York Times; 1/18/2001; p. A31.) The periodical in which he expressed this support (Southern Quarterly Partisan Review) has also endorsed white supremacist David Duke. (For more information about Duke and his apparent connections to the intelligence community, see also: RFA#13, Miscellaneous Archive Show M-52 and FTR-97.)

8. Ashcroft has been vocal in support of an ultra-rightist accused of plotting to murder an FBI agent and a federal witness. (“Why Did Ashcroft Try to Help Dr. Sell?” by Joe Conason; New York Observer; 1/18/2001; p. 5.)

9. Convicted of defrauding Medicaid, Dr. Charles T. Sell allegedly plotted to murder the FBI agent who arrested him and a federal witness. (Idem.)

10. Sell counts both Ashcroft, and the white-supremacist Conservative Citizens’ Council among his supporters. (Idem.) The latter is an overtly racist and pro-fascist group that regards African-Americans to be inferior, glorifies the Confederate States of the American Civil War. The CCC interfaces with a number of fascist organizations, including the National Alliance.

11. The CCC has also enjoyed the support of prominent republicans, such as Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. (Idem.)

12. Highlighting white supremacist activities inside the medical community, the program sets forth the background and activities of Steven Colbern, an associate of Timothy McVeigh and a blood and DNA specialist.  (Blood Oath: The Conspiracy to Murder Nicole Brown Simpson; by Steven Worth and Carl Jaspers; copyright 1996 [SC]; Rainbow Books; ISBN 1-56825-058-4; pp. 215-216.)

13. The broadcast concludes with discussion of the disappearance of a specialist in deadly viruses, such as Ebola.  (“Harvard Professor’s Disappearance Baffles” by Fox Butterfield; New York Times; 11/27/2001; p. A10.)  The professor was based in the Boston area, the geographical epicenter of the Bin Laden family in the United States.  The Bin Ladens have invested in a bio-technology firm in Cambridge.


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    U.S. looks into claims of security flaw in Siemens gear
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    “BOSTON (Reuters) The U.S. government is looking into claims by a cyber security researcher that flaws in software for specialized networking equipment from Siemens could enable hackers to attack power plants and other critical systems.”


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