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FTR #34 Hashude

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The growing problem of the poor and homeless in the United States is the backdrop against which this program sets forth the analysis of the SS’s “solution” to the problem of the “asocial.” Just as American reactionaries are calling for state institutions to confiscate the children of chronically poor “welfare mothers” and the urban American gentry is calling for “something” to be done to get the homeless off the streets, Nazi Germany responded to similar calls on the part of the middle and upper middle classes to solve the same problems. The Nazis established SS-supervised housing developments for the “asocials” (the Nazi term for the chronically poor and unemployed.) Hashude was a pilot institution for this program. The unemployed and chronically poor were forced to take up residence in these institutions and had to adhere to a strict curfew by the SS guards who administered the facilities. As economic pressures grew on the Third Reich, the “asocials” were eventually “relocated” from institutions such as Hashude to institutions such as Dachau and Auschwitz. (Recorded in the fall of 1995.)


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  1. As a person who’s been unemployed for 2.5 years, and unable to find more work on my own without assistance{no driver’s license……unfortunately, family has been of NO help.}, this concerns me a bit.

    Posted by Steven | January 2, 2011, 12:03 pm

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