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FTR #341 Ties That Bind, Part II

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Featuring more discussion of the events in (and around) the events of 9/11/2001, this broadcast supplements previous programs on the subject. This program discusses some of the connections that permitted the conspirators to realize their goals, hence the title.

1. Beginning with the hypothetical betrayal of the late John P. O’Neill (in charge of the FBI’s investigation into the Bin Laden organization and killed in the attack on the World Trade Center), the broadcast highlights a parking ticket received by Mohammed Atta. (“Atta Was in N.Y. as Early as June of ‘00” by Pat Milton [AP]; San Jose Mercury News; 12/9/2001; p. 8A.) This ticket was received in Brooklyn in the spring of 2000, a fact that must have alerted the terrorist that he might be compromised. The theft of a briefcase from Mr. O’Neill in the summer of 2000 may have been for the purpose of determining whether the FBI was monitoring the conspirators.

2. In that context, the program sets forth the reluctance of the FBI to accept the help of retired agents desiring to assist in the investigation, all the more curious in light of the fact that the Bureau’s resources are stretched thin, under the circumstances. (“FBI turns Down Hundreds of Ex-Agents Offering Help” by Eric Lichtblau; Los Angeles Times; 11/6/2001; p. A1.)

3. Turning to an examination of the type of institutional relationship that has permitted the executioners of the 9/11 attacks to evade scrutiny and justice, the broadcast touches on the powerful Carlyle group. (“CalPERS, Carlyle Profit from Afghan War” by David Lazarus; San Francisco Chronicle; 12/2/2001; p. G1.) The Carlyle group is one of the business relationships that connects the Bush family to the Bin Laden family. (The discussion should not be misinterpreted as implicating CalPERS in the events of 9/11. Rather, the business connections that cement the construction industry activities of the Saudi-based Bin Ladens to the Bush family petroleum interests are illustrative of the medium through which many terrorists operate with impunity.)

4. Much of the first half of the program is devoted to a partial presentation of an article that analyzes the presence and activities of Osama Bin Laden in Sudan. Attempts by the Sudanese government to share intelligence about Bin Laden with the Clinton administration were rebuffed, in part because of active deception by the CIA. (“The Osama Files” by David Rose; Vanity Fair; January 2002; p. 67.) It should not be forgotten that the elder George Bush (for whom CIA headquarters is named) was defeated for reelection by Clinton in 1992.

5. The FBI (and apparently the late Mr. O’Neill) opposed this obstruction. (Idem.) Far from being “in hiding” in Sudan, Bin Laden was heavily involved in construction projects in that country, some of them financed by the Saudis. (Idem.)

6. It was during his Sudanese sojourn that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda made contact with Mr. Al Zawahiri and other Egyptian fundamentalist terrorists. (Idem.) (One of Bin Laden’s most important aides, Al Zawahiri is viewed by some as the real head of Al Qaeda.)

7. Illustrating “the ties that bind,” the broadcast sets forth Bin Laden’s work as the Sudanese agent for Hunting Services, engaged in assisting Sudan to develop its petroleum resources. (Ibid.; p. 68.)

8. The manufacturer of a fifth of the West’s Trident missiles, Hunting Services also assisted in the arrest of Carlos the Jackal in Sudan. (Idem.) (Carlos the Jackal was allegedly trained by the Ed Wilson/Frank Terpil element in U.S. intelligence.)

9. Interestingly (and perhaps significantly), the recently indicted alleged Al Qaeda operative Zaccharias Moussaoui is being represented in France by Isabelle Constant-Peyre, “who is well known for representing-and later promising to marry-Illych Ramirez Sanchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal.” (“‘It’s As If He Had Died,’ Mother of Suspect Says” by David Zucchino; Los Angeles Times; 12/13/2001; p. A5.) A long-time friend of (and defender of) Carlos the Jackal is the Swiss-based Nazi operative Francois Genoud. Genoud is an intimate of the fascist, Middle Eastern and extreme left terrorist milieu that Mr. Emory believes is implicated in the 9/11 attacks.

10. In that context, it is important to note that Genoud; “became directly involved in helping Carlos after the Jackal was arrested in the Sudan by French agents on August 15, 1994. . . .After his arrest, Genoud publicly expressed his great admiration for Carlos, whom Genoud considered one of the ‘heroes’ of the Palestinian cause.” (Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International; by Kevin Coogan; Autonomedia Inc.; Copyright 1999 [SC]; ISBN 1-57027-039-2; p. 589.)

11. The heir to the literary works of Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels, Genoud was a primary operative for the Third Reich, both in its above ground and postwar underground phase. (Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International; pp. 584-5.)

12. Moussaoui’s American co-counsel is a former fundraiser for the Bush campaign. (“Terrorist Suspect’s Attorneys Face a Unique, Daunting Challenge” by Henry Weinstein and David Savage; Los Angeles Times; 12/13/2001; p. A4.)

13. In addition, one of the go-betweens used by the Sudanese to try to give the Clinton administration information on Bin Laden had worked “at the White House under George H.W. Bush.” (“The Osama Files” by David Rose; Vanity Fair; January 2002; p. 70.)

14. French intelligence apparently got wind of Moussaoui’s involvement with Al Qaeda when his name appeared in the address book of a fighter killed in Bosnia. (“‘It’s As If He Had Died,’ Mother of Suspect Says” by David Zucchino; Los Angeles Times; 12/13/2001; p. A5.)

15. The aforementioned Mr. Al Zawahiri stated in a recently published book that the Afghan war served as the genesis for mujahadeen that were later engaged in Bosnia, Chechnya and Kashmir. (“Smuggled Book Sets Out Story of Terror” by Heba Saleh; Financial Times; 12/10/2001; p. 3.)

16. Interestingly (and, perhaps, significantly), Al Zawahiri said that it was in Afghanistan that the young recruits “received a deeper understanding of the conspiracy that was prepared [against the Islamic World].” (Idem.) That the Egyptian was referring to the Islamofascist propagandizing generated by the milieu of Johann von Leers, Ahmed Huber and their associates and successors is not a possibility to be too readily discarded.

17. Recently, NATO and United Nations personnel raided a Pristina (Yugoslavia/Kosovo) branch of an alleged Al Qaeda funding conduit. (“2 U.S.-Based Charities’ Funds Held” by Lkisa Getter, Josh Meyer and Chuck Neubauer; Los Angeles Times; 12/15/2001; p. A5.)

18. An Australian national was recently arrested in Afghanistan, and that he had previously fought for the Kosovo Liberation Army. (“Alliance Captures Australian Man Fighting for the Taliban” by Douglas Frantz; New York Times; 12/13/2001; pp. A1-A10.)

19. It should be recalled that, Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic served in the 13th Waffen SS division (“Hanjar”), recruited by the Grand Mufti.

20. It is important to note in that context that, after Izetbegovic became head of the newly independent state of Bosnia, he established an elite division named Hanjar, and patterned after the 13th Waffen SS. (Some Call It Peace: Waiting for War in the Balkans; by Joseph Bodansky; Copyright 1996 [HC]; The International Media Corporation.)

21. The unit functioned as the personal guard unit of the Bosnian political leadership and also as a “special forces” unit that was deployed in support of other military formations. (Idem.)

22. Composed primarily of non-Bosnian Balkan Muslims (including ethnic Albanians), the unit was trained and led by Arab and Pakistani veterans of the Afghan conflict. (Idem.)

23. In 1993, U.N. observers noted that the re-created Hanjar was engaged in force projection into Kosovo and Macedonia and they forecast that conflict would break out in those areas. (Idem.) Their prediction proved to be accurate.

24. In addition to the 13th Waffen SS, there was another Balkan Waffen SS division, the 21st or Skanderbeg Division. (The name is mispronounced “Skanderberg” in the program.) The 21st Waffen SS Division was composed primarily of Kosovar Albanians, and the bulk of the fighters in the Kosovo Liberation Army are the sons and grandsons of men who had fought in the pro-Axis Albanian military formations in World War II-including the Skanderbeg Division. (“Kosovo’s Next Masters” by Chris Hedges; Foreign Affairs; May-June/ 1999 [Volume 78, #3].)

25. The program concludes with discussion of Wahhabi activity in areas of the former Soviet Union. The broadcast recapitulates the efforts by the Grand Mufti to recruit Muslims from, among other areas, Tatarstan and other parts of the Caucasus to the Third Reich cause. (The Patriotic Traitors: Collaboration in Nazi-Occupied Europe 1940-45; by David Littlejohn; Copyright [HC]; Doubleday & Company, 1972.) It should be noted in that context that the Caucasus is a primary oil-producing area of the former USSR– the target of Von Paulus’ Sixth Army, surrounded and destroyed at Stalingrad.

26. The Caucasus is still a major focal point of Wahhabi (and Saudi) activity. (“Russia’s Muslims Unchained, but Still Chafing” by Amy Waldman; New York Times; 11/9/2001; pp. A1-A10.)

27. The broadcast concludes with discussion of Al Qaeda and Wahhabi activity in Chechnya. (“War on Terror Casts Chechen Conflict in a New Light” by Michael Wines; New York Times; 12/9/2001; p. A4.) Observers and participants in the conflict there report considerable participation by foreign nationals in the fighting, including Ukrainians and Lithuanians. (Idem.) As is the case with the Australian Taliban who fought with the KLA, one wonders whether these foreign combatants are mercenaries or fascist ideologues manifesting a “Third Position” stance.


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